10 Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

10 Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

The most crucial step in Australian Skilled Migration for engineers is preparing a standard CDR Report. The Competency Demonstration Report, or CDR, is a technical document that proves you are an engineer with knowledge and skills that meet Australian standards. Engineers Australia requires a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to assess your knowledge and skills.

The qualifications, skills, experience, and competence of an engineer are detailed in a CDR report. Before you can migrate to Australia and work as an engineer, you must pass Engineers Australia's skills assessment report. Every year, hundreds of applicants for Skills Assessment make mistakes in their CDR reports, resulting in hundreds of rejections. CDR reports that are not properly written will almost certainly be rejected. Minor errors in reports can have an impact on evaluation results; in some cases, candidates have been banned for a year.

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Here are some common errors that applicants make when preparing a CDR report.

10 Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

1. Copied content from the internet

It is very simple to copy content for your CDR, but it is neither relevant nor legal, according to Engineers Australia. Content that has been copied can be easily identified. These criteria are used to evaluate your application because the officials conducting Skills Assessment Tests are highly skilled and professional. The report quickly appears to be redundant and lacking in originality.

If plagiarized content is identified, it will be a breach and a violation of their ethics. A year's ban is also possible. As a result, it will be extremely difficult for you to reappear. All CDR samples available on the internet are solely for educational purposes.

2. CDR in other languages than English

The content of your CDR Report should be written entirely in English, with no errors. The language on your CDR demonstrates how well you express yourself in writing. Engineer Australia requires your CDR report to be written in Australian English. The CDR report must be written in English. If you wrote your career episode in a language other than English, you must convert it to English. If your CDR is not in English, Engineers Australia may be unable to read it.

A CDR report in another language is a common error when preparing a CDR report. You can hire our Expert CDR writers if you believe your English is not good enough.

3. Grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors

Check your CDR Report for grammatical errors. This report that you are providing must have been written by a professional. As a result, you must ensure that there are no grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or sentence flow errors in the information.

Before submitting career episodes for engineers Australia, double-check its spelling, punctuation, and formatting. You must pay close attention to the formatting, spelling, grammar, and sentence flow of your report.

4. False Information

Inaccurate information couldn't adequately describe ideas; how you use them; challenges that those ways brought. The project development highlights all of the positive aspects, such as the design. One of the most common mistakes engineers make is mentioning false content such as fake projects, experiences, credentials, or other phony information to increase their chances of passing skill assessment tests.

The most important thing is to avoid using any fact that you would be unable to back up if Engineers Australia questioned you. So avoid mistakes like this EA rule violation, which could result in the report being rejected, and Engineers Australia can take decisive action against you.

5. Insufficient Information

CDR reports may also be rejected if necessary information such as duration, address, company profile, and objective is missing. In chronological order, include the time, address, company profile, and purpose in your report.

As part of your educational certification, you must select a suitable project to include in your CDR Report. It would be helpful if you mentioned the projects that were chosen, as well as the summary statements and problem statements. For your CDR report to be accepted, it must contain accurate and sufficient information.

6. Word Limit

In the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet, EA specifies how many words you can use for each career episode. According to the booklet, each career episode must have between 1000 and 2500 words. Extra details and lengthening your career episodes may result in CDR rejection. As a result, you are not permitted to include extraneous information and must address it within a limited word count that meets all Engineer's Australia requirements.

7. Excessive technical details

It's fine to include some technical information in your report, but including too many technical details on each report, such as tables, excessive calculations, charts, and pictures, can degrade your CDR report. Instead of being lengthy and complex, this report must be concise and to the point.

It's fine to include some technical information in your report, but including too many technical details on each report, such as tables, excessive calculations, charts, and pictures, can degrade your CDR report. Instead of being lengthy and complex, this report must be concise and to the point.

8. Division of one project into two career episodes

When it comes to creating career episodes, most applicants make the mistake of dividing the same project into two parts and including each portion in the career episode. Engineers Australia requires that you include one complete project in each career episode.

Based on the work completed during his engineering course in the seventh and eighth semesters, an electrical engineer created his career episode. The main theme of this project was the design and installation of an LV distribution system with lighting LUX-level calculations.

He completed his first project in the seventh semester. Formulating a research question, developing a specific strategy, designing a selection method, and writing a research proposal was all part of the project. As a result, he discussed this project in his very first Career Episode. He finished the second project in the eighth semester. A literature review, data collection, designing and installing an LV distribution system with LUX Level Calculations for Lighting, and preparing a final report were among the project objectives. Even though these two projects had different grades and were completed for different purposes during his academic career, Engineers Australia considers them to be parts of the same project.

9. Absence of problem statement

Lacking a problem statement in your CDR report is the primary reason for getting rejected by EA. In your career episode report, make sure to include problem statements as well as the steps you took to solve them. Many applicants fail to include the problem statement, so you should be aware of this.

10. Writing about only your experiences

The purpose of the CDR report is to mention you and your work experience activities. Even if it is a group project, your contribution and experience to the project must be included in your report. In your report, never mention your entire team. Reports are sometimes rejected due to a lack of positive experiences. If you worked on a team project while earning your engineering degree, write your CDR Report from the perspective of "what I did" rather than "what we did.” Keep in mind that you only need to mention your contribution and participation in the project when preparing the CDR report.

The Competency Demonstration Report can be used to obtain skilled migration to Australia. This opens up the possibility of establishing a prosperous career in Australia for all engineers working in other countries around the world. Minor errors in preparing a CDR Report can occur due to negligence or overconfidence. Remember that many Engineers apply for Australian immigration, indicating indescribably tough competition, even far beyond your wildest dreams. To avoid all the mistakes on your CDR report you can read our 10 ways to write a perfect CDR report blog.