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ANZSCO Skill Level Classification
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ACS RPL Report on your own
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The ACS (Australian Computer Society) is the authorized assessing authority that conducts skill assessments for skilled migration. Their role is to evaluate the skills and qualifications of ICT professionals who are considering moving to Australia to work in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.
This is a critical role in Australia's national interest, designed to supplement the Australian workforce with skills in areas of domestic shortage in order to ensure continued economic growth and allow the country to best position itself for future prosperity.
Below is the list of checklists for ACS Skill Assessment. You should fulfill all the compulsory points mentioned below.

But before you apply for ACS, you need to know about the following criteria:

  1. First, have a proper understanding of your visa requirements. If you have any confusion then, consult a registered migration agent. Or you can research your visa options on the Department of Home Affairs website.
  2. Read and understand the ACS requirements as mentioned in the skill assessment guidelines and the summary of Criteria.
  3. Identify the correct skill assessment application type and requirements for your skills and experience.
  4. If you have submitted your ACS skill assessment previously, then you need to log in to that previous account before assessing the application for.

Now let’s properly start the checklist with the personal documents.

  1. A clear color scan of the identification page of your passport.
  2. Two clear color scans of birth certificate documents. At least one document should have your photograph.
  3. Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae.
  4. If you have ever changed your name, then you need a clear color scan of evidence of a change of name.
  5. If you have requested a priority request application, then you need the evidence document about that as well.
  6. If you are appointing an agent to an existing application, then you need the migration agent authorisation form.

The second set is your qualification documents.

  1. A clear color scan of your academic transcript. Also include either a clear color scan of your award certificate or a completion letter for Australian qualification.
    It is important for you to include the following information in your qualification document.
    1. Title of Degree or award.
    2. Name of University or awarding Institution.
    3. Date the Degree or award when it was completed.
    4. Unit or Subject Names and Grades or Marks Achieved.
    5. If the qualification has been completed through research or project, then you need to provide the abstracts along with a supporting endorsement letter from the thesis/research supervisor.
  2. If you have completed the ACS professional year program, then you need a completion letter and transcript about it.
ACS RPL report checklist

Now on to the work experience documents.

  1. You will need to provide a clear color scan of either your work preferences on company letterhead or the third party statutory documents.

    Your work preferences/employment references should contain:
    1. Start and finish date of your employment. The date format should be in DD/MM/YYYY format. If you are currently working for a company, then you have to set the finish date to “CURRENT”.
    2. Your position title.
    3. Description of duties performed.
    4. Mention whether you worked part time or full time, along with hours worked per week.
    5. Name of the country when you were employed.
    6. Phone number and official email address of signatory. Do not include personal email and address.

    For Third party Statutory Declarations:

    You “the applicant” should not write the Statutory declarations or Affidavit but by a third-party work colleague at a managerial level. The work colleague needs to describe their working relationship with you and the details of your duties performed with the relevant dates of employment.
    The documents should properly state that it was “Sworn Before” or “Signed Before” or “Witnessed Before” the authorized witness by the referee, along with the relevant date and place when the declaration took place.
    As proof of their professional relationship with the applicant, the declaration must include at least one of the following:

    1. Employment certificate/statement of service.
    2. If you are no longer working at the same company, then the leaving certificate is required.

    If your employer didn’t provide an employment reference letter, then an explanation is needed as to “Why was it not provided?”. It's also worth noting that Employment Contracts and Job Descriptions will not be accepted as proof of employment or duties completed.

  2. If you are applying under the Recognition of prior learning (RPL) application pathway then, you need the ACS RPL Form.

The last is the payment evidence.

Payment evidence must comprise at least two separate types of documentary evidence, with both sources confirming payment at the start and end (or most recent if still employed) of each employment episode claimed in the application.

  1. Payment summaries, group certificates, and notices of assessment are examples of official government tax records or paperwork (citing company and applicant name).
  2. Payslips with the applicant's and employer's names on them
  3. Employment-related insurance/superannuation documents with the applicant's and employer's names on them.
  4. Bank statements showing salary payments from the employer (with the applicant's and employer's names on them).

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