How to write an ACS RPL report on your own

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What is an ACS RPL report?

The ACS (Australian Computer Society) RPL report is one of the most important documents for a Skilled Migration Visa. Let’s suppose that you have worked as an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) employee and you want to move to Australia in the ICT-related industry. But you don’t have an ICT-related degree, or you have a non-ICT-related degree (Example: Management Degree). Then you can submit an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) report to ACS to show your qualifications and migrate to Australia as an ICT-related professional.

While this sounds too good to be true, there is a catch to it. It is important to remember that not all ICT-related professions qualify for these criteria. You need to understand the ANZSCO codes. If your occupation does not follow the guideline of ANZSCO code, then you are not qualified for this skilled migration visa.

Criteria for ACS RPL applicant.

There are specific requirements that the applicants need to meet to submit an RPL Report. The basic requirement is that your ICT-related occupation has to follow the ANZSCO code guidelines. Along with that, you need to show your ICT-related work experience. There are two categories for it:

  1. Candidates with at least six years of work experience fall into the first group. They will be able to apply to migrate to Australia and work in the relevant service sector.
  2. If you do not fall into the first category, you will require an additional two years of work experience. Making it a total of 8 years of work experience. Furthermore, these extra two years of work may be irrelevant to the applicable ANZSCO code.
  3. As part of your RPL application, you will be required to deliver two project reports.
How to write ACS RPL report on your own

ACS RPL report format

Writing an RPL report on your own is not as hard as you might think. All you are doing is describing your ICT knowledge, abilities, and relevant qualifications. First, you need to understand the ANZSCO code and check if your occupation fits the ANZSCO code guideline.
There are multiple references available online. Check the samples and only trust the legitimate official websites. Those examples and illustrations can help you write an RPL report independently. On the ACS website, you may find the RPL Project Report Form. This form is necessary to enter your project's details, and this form requires you to submit two components outlined below.
Section 1: The Key Areas of Knowledge
Applicants must disclose their degrees and job experience in this section, as well as show that they have the requisite skills. This section has two subtopics:

  1. Essential ICT Knowledge
  2. General ICT Knowledge
Section 2: The RPL Project Report

An RPL project report outlines the projects you worked on and shows your abilities as an ICT specialist. Your RPL project report demonstrates your knowledge of the subject matter listed in Section 1. The ACS requires two copies of the RPL project report: one from the previous three years and one before the last five years.

Guidelines for writing ACS RPL report

There are specific rules and guidelines that you must follow while writing an RPL report. Follow the following tips to write the best possible report.

  1. Fill in the box with the Area of Knowledge topic you'd like to discuss. You do not have to cover every subtopic in the Area of knowledge in your presentation, but at least two must be covered.
  2. In the expanded writing area, describe how you collected the information and its extent.
  3. Your RPL report must be based on real-world experience. Do not fake your working experiences. Your RPL application will be rejected if you are found writing false or fake information.
  4. In your report, include relevant job descriptions from the ANZSCO code list that are directly related to the job duties of the applied occupation.
  5. Any plagiarized information in your ACS RPL report must be avoided at all times. If the assessing body finds plagiarism in your report during the evaluation, you will be reported to the IBP department and may be banned.

Read all the above information to have a higher chance of getting a positive assessment on your Skill Assessment from ACS. If you have any confusion or don't want to write an ACS RPL report on your own, you can contact us for more information. We "CDR writer australia" are always available, and our experts will write authentic plagiarism-free reports so that you get a positive skill assessment.