why is ka02 report needed

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KA02, which stands for Knowledge Assessment 02, is a technical report that is submitted by candidates who are willing to migrate to New Zealand. Instead of Engineers Australia which is for CDR, the candidates under this process are accessed by the Institute of Professional Engineers, New Zealand (IPENZ). The accessors are all experienced engineering experts or experts related to the ICT Domain. They evaluate candidates based on qualifying degrees and work experience in the ICT Domain. Assessors of IPENZ also evaluated candidates with either non-ICT experience or with insufficient ICT experience.

Through the KA02 report, these non-ICT or tertiary ICT applicants can apply for ICT-related positions. The report essentially gives the candidate the chance to strategically expand on their work experience, putting them on a par with any ICT contender. It also works for candidates who have an ICT background but whose qualifications have not been verified or supported by New Zealand universities. They level the playing field by producing a KA02 report.

The KA02 report is for candidates who have ICT experience of over 6 years but do not have qualifications comparable to a specific degree from New Zealand Universities. The IPENZ KA02 report's fundamental characteristic is that it allows non-qualified ICT applicants to show their abilities. They must show their abilities and knowledge, as well as how they got the IPENZ-required experience. They must show their mastery of important areas of knowledge in order to be considered for New Zealand Skilled Migration.

Types of IPENZ KA02 Reports

There are two types of KA02 reports, applicants can submit their Migration Visa Application that suits the qualifying degree set on the report type.

  1. KA01 Report:
  2. They can submit a KA01 report if the qualifying degree is from a university/college that is accredited by the Washington Accord or if the university/college follows the New Zealand University criteria.

  3. KA02 Report:
  4. If the qualifying degree is not from a university/college affiliated with the Washington Accord or any New Zealand university, they can submit a KA02 Report.


Skilled migration criteria for New Zealand

There are certain criteria that are needed to be fulfilled before applying for either KA01 or KA02 report.

  1. If a student is graduating from a New Zealand university, they should observe the graduation guidelines of that university.
  2. Applicants must submit the KA02 report to IPENZ whether their institution is a member of the Washington accordance or a New Zealand university.
  3. The Washington Agreement requires that IPENZ's initial review includes its four-year engineering degree. If you do not have a Washington-recognized engineering degree, you must register with the IPENZ.
  4. The dean of the engineering institute should mention their first and postgraduate degrees in the first step.
  5. Essentially, it should incorporate the New Zealand Authority's evaluations of the overseas qualifications used by IPENZ to award its four-year engineering degrees.
  6. Engineers, like professional members, must complete a competency-based test to confirm they meet all the standards for registration. The assessment requires a participatory assessment, a written assessment, and documented evidence.
  7. They should build a knowledge profile based on 12 aspects, such as meaning assertions and success measurements.
  8. Each candidate must outline a few tasks they have completed to support their performance statements as part of the application. As part of the academic component, engineering models, samples, and computations should be presented.

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