What is National Engineering Register (NER)

national engineering register

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Engineers Australia launched the National Engineering Register (NER) in 2015 to recognize engineers who have demonstrated a high level of skill, qualification, ability, and professionalism. Through the NER, Engineers Australia is aiming to support talented and qualified engineers by providing them with a global platform. Nonetheless, this is not just about securing employment within the country - engineers must strive to sharpen their skills and prove their worth in the engineering world. The National Engineer Register is one measure to achieve this goal.

Why Register on National Engineering Register (NER)?

The National Engineering Register (NER) provides a searchable public database of highly qualified and recognized engineering professionals who have demonstrated a proficient level of competency in their chosen field of practice for at least five years. This database serves as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking expert engineering services, as it sets a standard measure of professionalism across the country that all engineering professionals have to adhere to. As such, this register assists in ensuring the quality and reliability of any services offered by any engineer of any ANZSCO Code listed on it.

How can Engineers Register for National Engineering Register?

If an engineer is already an existing member of Engineers Australia they are required to log in and complete their National Engineering Register (NER) registration process using their Engineers Australia ID. Engineers who are not currently members of Engineers Australia will have to first create their Engineers Australia ID and then proceed to fill out the registration form for the National Engineering Register. Submitting their application will then make them eligible for registration with the NER.

Requirements to join National Engineering Register Australia

There are 5 steps and requirements to join National Engineering Register:

1. Work Experience Statement

As an engineer, it is imperative to evaluate one's own career achievements and specialty areas in order to generate a Work Experience Statement that meets Engineers Australia's exact requirements.

2. CPD

It is necessary for candidates to provide evidence of their commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) over the past three years, which should total 150 hours.

3. Professional Referee

Engineers must also designate two professional referees who will be able to validate the statements made in their application for a National Engineering Register.

4. PII

It is important to include information regarding any relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) held by the applicant.

5. Interview

It is mandatory to have an interview with the applicant as the last step of the National Engineering Registration (NER) process. To ensure the accuracy and precision of the candidate's application, Professional Referees are also contacted over the phone. Additionally, Engineers who are not members of Engineers Australia are required to go through an extra step before the five phases of the NER registration. This involves a Qualifications Assessment.

How long does it take to register for NER?

The evaluation process for applications for EA can take anywhere from three to four weeks. The time frame may be differ if further documents are required for assessment.

Areas of the practice of National Engineering Register

The National Engineering Register (NER) is designated to provide recognition to qualified professionals who have achieved a high standard of competence and significant experience in nineteen distinct areas of engineering. These include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Information, Telecommunications, and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

To be certified, individuals must demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in one or more of the aforementioned fields.

Chartered members of Engineers Australia, as well as non-members who have completed a Stage 2 competency assessment, are exclusively granted access to the following National Engineering Register (NER) Areas of Practice:

  • Amusement Ride and Devices InService Inspection
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Heritage and Conservation Engineering
  • Leadership and Management
  • Naval Architecture
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Pressure Equipment Design Verification
  • Sub Divisional Geotechnics

Can an Engineer add or remove Areas of Practice from NER?

An engineer cannot add or remove areas of practice from the National Engineering Register. The National Engineering Register is managed by Engineers Australia and only they have the authority to add or remove areas of practice. NER will periodically add additional Areas of Practice as deemed necessary by the Australian Government and industry organizations.

Benefits of Being Registered on National Engineering Register

  • Recognition by employers as a qualified engineer
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Access to a network of professional engineers
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • Full disclosure of qualifications to a potential employer
  • Ability to work in any state or territory in Australia
  • Increased job security and employment prospects

Costs Involved for NER Engineers Australia

Ner Assessment And Registration Fees
Assessment Fee For Initial Application Assessment Fee For Additional General or Specific Area of Practice Annual Registration Fee
EA Chartered Members $335.50 Complimentary to 30 June 2018 $97.00 from 1 July 2019
EA Chartered members (Chartered gained after 2 November 2015) $335.50 The fee includes NER registration fee for the balance of the current EA membership subscription year in which Chartered is gained $97.00
EA Non Chartered Members $335.50 $335.50 The fee includes NER registration fee for the balance of the current EA membership subscription year $97.00
Non EA Members $555.50 $555.50 The fee includes NER registration fee for the balance of the current EA membership subscription year $167

Who can register in National Engineering Register?

  • Engineering associates, professional engineers, and engineering technologists with five years of industry experience and seven years of practice in their field
  • Chartered members of Engineers Australia
  • Non-members of Engineers Australia must pass an assessment, and provide CPD statements that can be confirmed during the interview to apply for NER.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

  • Have an Engineering qualification recognized by EA
  • Have an EA migration skills assessment
  • 5 years of full-time engineering work experience in the last 10 years
  • 4 years full-time post graduate experience

Data displayed About Engineering Professionals after NER

Things that will be displayed about Engineering Professionals after NER are:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Areas of practice
  • Occupational categories
  • Email addresses
  • State of residence

Some Privacy Policy That You Need to Know About National Engineering Register

The Policy explains how Engineers Australia will use your personal information by the Australian Privacy Act 1988. This policy applies to:

  • The Institution of Engineers Australia
  • Engineering Education Australia Pty Ltd
  • The Moreland Group Pty Ltd
  • EngInsure Pty Limited

Engineers Australia may reveal personal and sensitive information stored about you to a membership committee, board or panel in order to evaluate applications and look into any complaints. This information can also be shared with members chosen to cast votes for office-bearing roles, and judging committees for awards and honors. The information can be shared with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for migration-related matters, Australian Education International for migration statistical reports, members of the same committee or group, and people or agencies when you are recommended for an honor or award.

Canceling NER Australia Registration

At any point, anyone can choose to terminate their registration from the NER (National Engineering Register) by providing a written notice to the Member Services Team at MemberServices@engineersaustralia.org.au expressing their wish to be de-registered. Such requests will be immediately processed and the individual in question will no longer be on the NER.


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