NER Work Experiences Statement for Australia

NER Work Experiences Statement for Australia

The full form of NER is the National Engineer Register. The National Engineer Register (NER) is a professional directory of engineers and engineering-related professionals registered with Engineering. It is a searchable public database providing information on the qualifications, experience and specializations of engineers and engineering-related professionals. The register is also used to help employers find suitable candidates for engineering positions.

How to write a NER Work Experience Statement?

When writing your Work Experience Statement (WES) for NER Australia, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you list your work experience chronologically.
  • Start with the most relevant or recent experience.
  • Make sure that you have at least 5 years of engineering experience.
  • Clearly state the responsibilities, roles, and critical achievements of each position.
  • Summarize any lengthy past positions at the end of your WES.

These things should be mentioned in experience statements for NER Australia.

Referee Details In Work Experience Statement

Please provide two professional referees with engineering degrees and at least five years of experience in your area of practice. One should be from your current employer and the other either from a previous employer if you have been in the current job for less than five years or an external mentor. Please include their title, name, organization, position, professional relationship, phone number, mobile number, and email address. In the context of a work experience statement for Australia, a statutory declaration may be required to verify the authenticity of the information provided in the statement. The person making the declaration may be required to affirm that the information provided in the statement is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Competence Self-Assessment Worksheet (optional)

You have the choice to include your Competence Self-Assessment Worksheet with your NER application. This worksheet evaluates your capabilities in four engineering areas: Commitment, Community Responsibility, Value in the Workplace, and Technical Expertise. Assign yourself a rank of 'Developing', 'Functional', or 'Proficiency' for each qualification.

  • 'Developing' indicates that you are still learning the practice area with the assistance of more experienced people and possibly supervision.
  • 'Functional' means you possess the fundamental capacity to practice independently at an acceptable level without help or supervision.
  • 'Proficient' implies that your independent practice capability has been formally recognized through peer review, and you can aid others in developing their competency. Competence Self-Assessment Worksheet (optional).


The NER registrant has demonstrated their technical proficiency in the area(s) of practice shown in the "Evidence" section of this badge. They hold an accredited 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or have been judged by Engineers Australia as having qualifications of a similar standard and level.

Additionally, they have exhibited 5 years of relevant work experience at the level of a Professional Engineer (there is an exception for those who possess credentials at a higher level). NER registrants are obliged to comply with the Professional Development requirements corresponding to a minimum of 150 hours of relevant professional development activities over the last 3 years of their career which should mention the key achievements.

They have also been assessed to be competent to the accepted standard of an independent practitioner, in terms of five competencies:

  • Dealing with Ethical Issues
  • Practicing Competently
  • Developing Safe and Sustainable Solutions
  • Identifying and Managing Risks
  • Local Engineering Knowledge.

Furthermore, they are expected to abide by Engineers Australia's Code of Ethics and have their registration renewed annually to remain valid. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, NER registrants will be able to use the postnominal NER after their name. You can Contact Us and get free consultation on this.


  • EA members pay an assessment fee of AU$ 3,335.50 (incl. GST) for NER registration regarding their current financial year subscription (June 30).
  • Non-members also pay an assessment fee of AU$ 3,335.50 (incl. GST) with the provision of NER registration for the current financial year (June 30).
  • Overseas EA members pay an assessment fee of GST private of AU$305 for NER registration regarding their current year of financial subscription.
  • Overseas non-members pay an assessment fee of GST private of AU$305 to have access to NER listing in regards to the current financial year (June 30).
  • Chartered consulting members of EA pay an assessment fee with a registration fee of NER regarding the current subscription financial year.
  • EA members renew their NER membership with a renewal fee of AU$97 (incl. GST) each year.

Things to consider for National Engineering Registration

  1. Eligibility requirements such as education, experience, and professional practice
  2. Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations
  3. Advanced technical proficiency
  4. Character and integrity
  5. Ability to integrate engineering principles into real-world
  6. Demonstrated leadership capabilities
  7. Understanding of the ethical implications of engineering decisions
  8. Commitment to safety and public welfare
  9. Ability to work in a team environment
  10. Understanding of project management principles

How can we help you?

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