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What is Skill Assessment?

Competent authorities in the field of skills evaluation as candidates to provide these reports. It is the job of a skills assessment authority to ensure that you fulfill the qualifications needed to operate in a certain field. If you need a skills assessment, you must contact the evaluating authority for your profession and get in touch with them. Each evaluating authority has its own set of methods, deadlines, and fees for conducting evaluations. Some of the assessing authorities are Engineers Australia, VETASSESS, and ACS. The majority of the professions on each list have their own set of standards and requirements for evaluating a person's ability to do their job duties. For these authorities to do your skills evaluation, it must have been approved by the proper authorities. Some visa subclasses (and streams) need an appropriate skills evaluation, while others may request one. You should thoroughly research any visa you're considering applying for. Determine whether or not a skills evaluation is required, as well as when you should have one. In many cases, you also get an additional point for visa/immigration.

How long does it take for skill assessment from Engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia is the assessing body for engineers. Engineers who are willing to get them registered as authorized engineers should submit all the required documents to get the skill assessment from Engineers Australia.

skill assessment for engineers australia

There are 2 time frames provided by Engineers Australia for the skill assessment. Those are:

  1. Normal track
  2. Fast Track

For the normal track, depending on our workload and the state of the application, the normal turnaround time is 4 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not contact Engineers Australia during this period. They mostly come up with comments, but if any changes are needed in the work, the candidate needs to submit the requested document, which they will recheck and give you the assessment outcome. For the fast track, Engineers Australia takes around 15-20 business days to process the comments. Applications for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) might take quite some time to complete. However, if you need an assessor within 20 working days, you may expedite your application through the fast track. This kind of process is good for people whose English test requirement is about to expire or whose visa is going to end soon. This will expedite the process much faster than the normal track.

Process processing Time
Normal track 2-3 month
Fast track 20 days

Note: There will be an additional charge for the fast-track process from the engineers in Australia. Engineers Australia’s processing time also changes during the holiday period, which generally starts from December 25th to January 10th every year.

What is needed for skills assessment in Australia?

For a person to be assessed by Engineers Australia, they need to have at least a diploma degree in the engineering field. If not, you won’t be assessed as an engineer by Engineers Australia. Depending upon the level of education, there is a different category to be assessed, like professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate, or engineering manager. For the skill assessment, there are several documents mentioned in the MSA booklet. They are:

  1. Recent (no more than 6 months old) color photography (dimensions: 35mm x 45mm) of yourself in JPEG format with 1200 x 1600 pixels resolution (against a plain color background, facing directly towards the camera, including full head, neck, and shoulders, both eyes, nose, and mouth).
  2. Prime Identification Document (current passport, only page including photo and name) .
  3. Academic degree certificate (a letter of completion will only be accepted as a substitute before graduation and only for Australian qualifications).
  4. Complete an official academic transcript (including any recognition of prior learning and course syllabus where applicable).
  5. Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
  7. The official change of name documents where applicable (e.g., marriage certificate, gazette publication, or letter/certificate issued by the registry).
  8. Registration certificate under the relevant licensing authority where applicable (for example, the Philippine Professional Regulations Commission).
  9. Documentary evidence of employment (if the employer provides a basis for a career episode/s).
  10. List of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  11. Three Career Episodes.
  12. Summary Statement for the nominated category.
  13. Official English translations of the above documents where applicable.
Please upload each document separately (a document might consist of more than one page. DO NOT upload each page of the document separately).

The documents listed above must be color scans of the original documents. Please DO NOT submit the following:

  1. Certified copies of original documents
  2. Black and white scans
  3. Scans of photocopies
  4. Low-resolution scans.

All scans must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi Please refrain from uploading a document multiple times. Processing will be delayed if the above instructions are not followed.

Can I do skill assessment without work experience from Engineers Australia?

Yes, you can do the skill assessment without the work experience of the engineers in Australia. You mainly need to have an educational background in the engineering field to get the skill assessment done. However, if you have work experience, you can still claim some extra points from the skill experience assessment, which will be added up for visa purposes.

How do you pass a skills assessment?

Passing a skill Assessment can be as easy as pie if you get professional help and support. There are a lot of candidates who have been confused and stuck around how to write, who to seek help with. With lots of options available in the market that are not professional, it becomes harder for an individual to find out the right way. The main things that a candidate must look at while starting with the skill assessment process are:

  1. Seek professional help from experts who are in Australia.
  2. Do your research first, find out about your case.
  3. The skill assessment can be confusing to identify the correct pathway.
  4. Make sure your work is done in the format asked by the engineers in Australia.

If you are confused about your case scenario, speak with our experts. We ‘CDR writers Australia’ provide a free consultation to help you understand what your next right step should be for the skill assessment process.