We believe actions should speak louder than words. Here is the positive skill assessment of our clients who have been successfully living the dreams of their lives.
Most of the engineers working with us have a good, stable job and a better life than they had wished for. Our team of CDR writer experts collaborates closely with you to achieve this positive outcome.

Once you get the positive outcome letter from Engineers Australia, you will be eligible to claim a maximum of 20 points for the process. It is also considered the first step taken in the immigration process. A positive outcome letter consists of your name, your educational institute, and the year in which you have completed your education. If you have done your experience assessment as well, then your workplace and years that have been assessed will be displayed. You can also get extra points for this experience assessment. You can check our PR points calculator for further information.
To claim the points for your skill assessment, you just need to upload your positive outcome letter in the further steps of the application.