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Focused, result-driven, reliable, and professional CDR writers for Australia! We are CDR Writer Australia.

Our industry-specialised writers deliver comprehensive and high-quality engineering report writing services in Australia. Our personalised approach to CDR report writing has contributed to numerous positive skill assessments. Such remarkable results have won the hearts of thousands of clients and continue attracting more!

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Our services also include RPL and KA02 report writing.

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CDR Writer Australia strives to provide great value when offering professional writing for Engineers Australia's assessments. We are driven to provide phenomenal CDR writing services in Australia. For us, Your CDR Approval Matters! A lot!

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Besides CDR reports, we offer result-focused services for KA02 report writing and ACS RPL report writing.

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Our skilled and experienced writers have written thousands of CDR for engineers of different domains. 99.9% of our clients have received “Awarded” skills assessments from Engineers Australia. Check out some of our EA-approved positive skill assessment reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CDR writing is an act of preparing a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). It is done by engineers who wish to migrate to Australia. CDR writing includes continuous professional development (CPD), 3 career episodes, and 1 summary statement.

Also Read: CDR Writing Tips

Engineers themselves can do CDR report writing, or they can seek professional CDR report writing services for convenience.

Engineers who plan to migrate to Australia through skilled visa need a CDR report. A CDR is needed to showcase engineers' competencies and skills to Engineers Australia, the official assessing body for engineers.

You can write a perfect CDR for Engineers Australia by following the given steps:

  • Follow the format and guidelines of Engineers Australia
  • Make a clear continuous professional development (CPD) listing
  • Write three enthralling career episodes
  • Write a summary statement

For in-depth information, read: How to Write a CDR Report? Step-by-Step Guide

However, writing a CDR report without help can be intimidating. You may make some common writing mistakes. This eventually contributes to wasting your resources and even increases the chances of rejection. So, to be on the safe side and get a positive skill assessment, you can opt for professional CDR writing services in Australia.

The length of a CDR report is not specific; However, Engineers Australia has suggestions regarding writing different aspects of a CDR.

  • For CPD listing, keep the content within one A4 page.
  • For career episodes writing, each career episode should be a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 2500.
  • For the summary statement, keep it more than 1 page.

Completing a CDR writing can take several weeks to a few months on average. This depends on various factors such as:

  • Complexity of the engineer's experiences
  • Ability to draft error-free and original content

If you want to accelerate the rate of work and cut down on time, then you can reach out to professional CDR writers in Australia, who can prepare it within 7-15 days.

As established CDR writers in Australia, we use the following strategies to write unique reports that are specific to your experiences:

  • Have a thorough discussion with you to understand your unique experiences.
  • Show your engineering competency, skills, and achievements in the best light.
  • Incorporate feedback from you and perform revisions.

At CDR Writer Australia, we prioritise originality. We employ a strict quality control process to make the CDR report authentic and error-free. To check or address the plagiarism, we use Turnitin and Plagscan software, which Engineers Australia assessors themselves use.

CDR Writers at CDR Writer Australia possess the following qualifications and expertise:

  • Our CDR writers have a strong foundation in their related engineering fields. Most of them are active in their engineering field in Australia.
  • Our CDR writers have years of experience in CDR writing.
  • Well-versed in the guidelines and criteria set by Engineers Australia for CDR assessment.
  • During client discussions, our writers stay attentive and implement your expectations in the report.

CDR Writer Australia provides budget friendly CDR writing service. However, the cost can be different depending on the urgency of the service you choose.

Check out our Pricing Section for detailed information.

No, it is not a good idea to get CDR writing assistance from anywhere. You must get CDR services from Australia-based CDR writers. Australia-based writers will know more details about engineering scenarios in Australia and stay vigilant about the latest CDR updates to craft CDR reports accordingly.

No, CDR services are meticulous about their client's confidentiality. They ensure that the client's identity and documents are safe. In fact, confidentiality is mentioned in their privacy policy.

Yes, we do provide Australian visa consultations for engineers. We are a one-stop solution for engineers who want a smooth and hassle-free skilled migration to Australia.