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CDR Writer Australia boasts in-house industry experts with top-notch research and CDR writing skills across various engineering disciplines. We deliver comprehensive, high-quality CDR report writing, KA02 report, and RPL report writing services at a flexible and affordable cost. We understand the importance of customising each report to meet our clients' professional requirements, which is why our CDR writers coordinate with them throughout the process to ensure their satisfaction.

CDR Report Writing

CDR Report Writing

Career Episode Writing

Career Episode Writing

Summary Statement

Summary Statement

CDR Report Review Service

CDR Report Review Service

ACS RPL Report Writing

ACS RPL Report Writing

KA02 Knowledge Assessment

KA02 Knowledge Assessment

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Why our CDR writing services?

Our team of licensed engineering experts has helped over 1000 skilled migrants curate their CDR reports according to Engineers Australia's guidelines. We guarantee a 100% approval rate on your CDR Assessment from Engineers Australia on the first go.

Our dedicated team includes seasoned CDR writers and analysts with years of experience under their belts. They are familiar with engineering scenarios in Australia and stay up-to-date with changes in EA's guidelines and requirements.

To produce productive, excellent outputs, we do not overload our experts. We constantly revise and review CDR reports with our clients to strengthen them.

Licensed Engineering Experts

Our team of licensed engineers and professional writers, having hands-on experience providing CDR writing and reviewing services, are dedicated to producing unique and strong content. Many of our engineers have had their own reports accepted by EA, which establishes us as one of the best CDR writers in Australia.

All Engineering Domains

We offer CDR writing services for all engineering domains, including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Transport, and more. CDRs for specific engineering domains are written by an engineer with expertise in that field. Our expert engineers ensure that our reports meet industry standards, and we guarantee excellent quality original content.

Best Price Guarantee

Preparing a CDR report that meets the Engineers Australia Skill Assessment guidelines can be daunting, but our writers can produce worthy reports. We guarantee competitive pricing for our services through our beat-the-price challenge and a money-back guarantee in the rare case that a report gets rejected by EA.

On Time Delivery

As we know, writing a CDR is a crucial task. The primary priority of CDR Writer Australia is to deliver high-quality work and ensure customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind the importance of time in these situations, our professional engineers and CDR writers have never failed to meet deadlines.

24 X 7 Live Help

Our team will be available 24/7 to assist you in clearing any doubts, solving any problems, and making requested changes to the documentation. You can rest assured that any issues with CDR, ACS RPL, or KA02 Knowledge Assessment will be resolved at the earliest possible time.

Plagiarism Free

Many CDR reports are rejected due to plagiarism and similarities with previous reports. Therefore, we carefully proofread and check for plagiarism using Turnitin software to ensure the originality of the report per EA guidelines. Check our previous CDR report samples for reference.

Make sure that EA approves your CDR assessment

Contact us today for your success-guaranteed service rather than spending time and money with inefficient firms. Our CDR writing experts will make sure the content is refined, proofread, and free of plagiarism. We provide all of our clients with a full consultation.

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Firstly, you will need to contact our agent and provide all the required information and documents for writing CDR reports in accordance with EA guidelines. If necessary, our CDR writing experts will speak with you to start the CDR evaluation process for Engineers Australia.

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Once everything has been discussed and worked with CDR Writers Australia, you will be connected with one of our experienced professionals who specializes in the engineering field of your ANZSCO Code. At this point, you will be required to make a partial payment in order to begin your report writing.

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After completing your CDR report, we will send you a draft copy for correction and verification. You should carefully examine the Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD and indicate any changes you would like us to make to your report.

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Get your Final CDR report

After your approval, we will send you the final CDR report that is ready for submission to Engineers Australia. This report will include 3 Career Episodes, a Summary Statement, and a CPD, along with a Turnitin (plagiarism-free report). If you have any comments or suggestions, you can ask us to make further revisions or enhancements to the report based on your requirements.

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Positive Skill Assessment

We have prepared thousands of CDR report from our experienced and skilled writers. Among those thousands of reports, 99% of clients received positive skills assessments from EA. Here are a few samples of those reports.

More information on migration skill assessment

We have more detailed information about Australian migration and skill assessments on our blog. Send us inquiries and feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Competency demonstration report (CDR) is a collection of documents for engineers which demonstrates their knowledge, skills and communication whether it meets the Australian standards or not. It contains three main elements: a Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and a list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Each one plays a crucial part in the CDR Report's writing.

Before you begin writing the CDR, you must realise that it should be brief but comprehensive. It should contain all of the necessary information about your abilities while remaining accurate. CDR should always meet the standards of Engineers Australia to get a positive skill assessment.

Here are nine tips for getting the best CDR report:

  • Appropriate Introduction
  • Proper Background
  • Personal Engineering Activity
  • Include Creative Design
  • Include Technical Difficulties
  • Details about project management
  • Summary Statement.
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Perfect CPD

CDR data is intended to highlight each skill and competency you've achieved through education or on-the-job training. You can use your CDR to demonstrate that you understand risk assessment, how to manage acceptable production volume, and how to deal with any reported violations.

In general, your CDR report should be around 6000-7000 words in length. However, seeking expert assistance is highly recommended. For that purpose, we have a team of professional engineers to write an excellent and thorough CDR report for you.

Depending on the type of writing service, we complete a CDR report within 7-15 days.