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We have a team of expert professional writers, licensed engineers, IT specialists, and more working together to help applicants with their CDR for Engineers Australia. CDR Writer Australia has been assisting people from all around the world who are migrating to Australia under the skilled migration process. We have helped more than 1000 skilled migrants to get positive assessments from Engineers Australia. We are renowned as Australia's most successful CDR Report Writing, KA02 Report Writing, and ACS RPL Report Writing service providers. We also provide a quick CDR review service. Our writers have many years of CDR writing experience and are up-to-date with Engineers Australia's Guidelines and Requirements. We do not process more than 30 CDR's a month to deliver a high-quality CDR report with original, plagiarism-free, high-value content.

Licensed Engineering Experts

We have the most experienced engineering professionals on our team. Most of our CDR writers have previous experience of submitting their own report to EA or have had experience in this field for many years which is why they are the most qualified for CDR Writing, CDR Review Service and more.

All Engineering Domains

Engineers from all the domains like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, and more have been associated with us. Assuring clients that their file will be handled by an engineer who specializes in their field. The experience of our writers from engineering background has proven to be game changing.

Best Price Guarantee

CDR Assessment for Engineers Australia is a difficult task. We offer high quality CDR writing services at the most competitive Pricing. You can also get IT related documents prepared by us as well such as KA02 Knowledge Assessments and ACS RPL Report writing services at the best rates.

On Time Delivery

As we know, writing a CDR is a crucial task. CDR Writer Australia's primary priority is delivering high-quality work and customer’s satisfaction. Keeping in mind the importance of time in these situations, our Engineering CDR writers and IT Professionals have never failed to meet the deadlines.

24 X 7 Live Help

In the case of emergency, our team of professionals will be ready at a moment's notice for CDR help or for IT related documents such as KA02 Knowledge Assessment. We understand how critical it is for you to get the competence assessment completed. Your IELTS may be about to expire, or you may be short on visas. So, you will always be our top priority.

Plagiarism Free

If you are writing your CDR yourself, you can take reference from CDR Report Samples but not copy them. One of the many causes of CDR rejection is the discovery of similarity in your report. To eliminate plagiarism, we will use Turnitin software, and each file will be thoroughly checked before we provide you with a quality CDR for Engineers Australia.

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Contact us today for your success-guaranteed service rather than spending time and money with inefficient firms. Our CDR writing experts will make sure the content is refined, proofread, and free of plagiarism. We provide all of our clients with a full consultation.

What our Clients say about us

Kumar Gupta

Electrical Engineer

Their extensive writing and amazing work helped me secure my recognition with EA by being so friendly and communicative throughout the process. They wrote a top-notch, plagiarism-free report and delivered it within the deadline.

Manoj Shah

Civil Engineer

Clear communication and top-notch work from Adhya. My report was genuine, high quality, and plagiarism free. It was accepted at first go, all thanks to her. I recommend CDR Writer Australia for assistance with your migration skills assessment.

Shree Ram Karki

Mechanical Engineer

Previously, I faced multiple rejections from EA with my CDR for Mechanical Engineer. Their mechanical engineering specialist helped me acquire a positive outcome from Engineers' Australia on my skill assessment. Thanks,

Pyal Mathews

Biomedical Engineer

I got my Engineers Australia skill assessment for Biomedical Engineering. I am thankful to Adhya Sharma for her support and help with my CDR and would really recommend her as the best CDR writer. I really appreciate her guidance and hard work.

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How does CDR Writer Australia Work?

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Step 1

Free CDR Consultation

Firstly, you will speak with our agent via chat or submission form. Then you will provide all the information and documents required while writing CDR Reports as per EA guidelines. If necessary, our CDR writing expert may speak with you and start the CDR evaluation process for Engineers Australia.

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Step 2

Make Partial Payment

Once everything is discussed and worked out with CDR Writers Australia, you will be connected with one of our experienced professionals specializing in the engineering field of your ANZSCO Code, and you will be required to make a partial payment in order to begin your skill assessment report for EA.

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Step 3

Send Draft Copy

As we know, each Career Episode is the personal engineering activity of an individual. After completion, we will email you a draft copy of your CDR for approval to make sure we are on the right track. You can ask for any changes in the report as per the MSA booklet.

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Step 4

Get Complete CDR report

Finally, after your approval, we'll send you a final CDR that is ready for EA submission. This would include 3 Career Episodes, a Summary Statement, and a CPD, along with a Turnitin (plagiarism-free report). You may also inquire about the changes to these reports.

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Wow! Look at all those happy clients above. You take a look at few samples of positive skills assessment that our clients received from Engineers Australia. If you want to be happy like our clients then feel free to contact our writers.

Positive Skill Assessment

We have prepared thousands of CDR report from our experienced and skilled writers. Among those thousands of reports, 99% of clients received positive skills assessments from EA. Here are a few samples of those reports.

More information on migration skill assessment

We have more detailed information about Australian migration and skill assessments on our blog. Send us inquiries and feedback.

Frequently Asked Question

Competency demonstration report (CDR) is a collection of documents for engineers which demonstrates their knowledge, skills and communication whether it meets the Australian standards or not. It contains three main elements: a Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and a list of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Each one plays a crucial part in the CDR Report's writing.

Before you begin writing the CDR, you must realize that your CDR should be brief but comprehensive. CDR writers should be certain that it contains all of the necessary information about your abilities while remaining accurate. CDR should always meet the standards of Engineers Australia to get a positive skill assessment.

CDR data is intended to highlight each skill and competency you've achieved through education or on-the-job training. You can use your CDR to demonstrate that you understand risk assessment, how to manage acceptable production volume, and how to deal with any reported violations.

In general, your CDR report should be around 6000-7000 words in length. However, seeking expert assistance is highly recommended. For that purpose, we have a team of professional engineers to write an excellent and thorough CDR report for you.

Depending on the type of writing service, we complete a CDR report within 7-15 days.