Transport engineers-CDR
Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title: Open Storage Areas for rigid and flexible pavement Design

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In the first career episode, the client has designed the rigid and flexible pavement for the open storage areas such as the bus depots, parking areas, and the dry ports was the major goal of the thesis.The responsibilities of the author were to:

  1. Research articles pertaining to the project to be conducted in order to generate project ideas.
  2. Choosing a site for the project and conducting a CBR test.
  3. Calculate ESAL values by gathering necessary data from the chosen location.

Career Episode 2 Title: Motorway M4

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In the second career episode, the prime objective of this project was to build a qualitative motorway by selecting the most feasible alignment and detailed design of geometrical and structural components of the motorway. The responsibilities of the candidates were:

  1. Perform site supervision and modify the project's detailed drawings.
  2. Conduct standard penetration tests (SPT) and assess steel structures for concrete.
  3. To test the on-site thickness of collected concrete and asphalt, as well as to assist the plant engineer.

Career episode 3 Title: Construction of Rural Road

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In the third career episode, the client had designed as well as constructed the road through the Punjab region. The responsibilities of the candidates were:

  1. To design rural roads and conduct a project cost analysis.
  2. Conduct reconnaissance surveys, evaluate, and assess local construction methods.
  3. To carry out a field density and sieve test in accordance with the project's specifications.
  4. To check RCC constructions, as well as revise structural designs and maintain site safety.

Telecommunication Engineers-CDR Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title: Performance of Internet protocols in 4G network evaluation

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For career episode 1 principal purpose of the project was to examine the performance of popular internet protocols in the 4G network. The main duties during the project were:

  1. Conduct an in-depth study on several generations of mobile communication and networking protocols.
  2. Choosing relevant simulation software and defining simulation setup requirements
  3. Conduct a comparison of all three network protocols in terms of packet loss and packet delivery ratio.
  4. Ensuring that the project is completed on schedule.

Career episode 2 Title: Rollout projects of Phase 6

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The foremost goal of this ZTE rollout project phase 6 was to install around 250 BTS in different parts of the country. The roles during the project were:

  1. To design the necessary IP needed for logical and server connection, as well as to identify unused IP and ID.
  2. Carry out network planning and data setup for SDR.
  3. Using the U31 Client program, complete the job of preparing the OMCR.
  4. Using U31 Client software, carry out the process of OMB preparation.
  5. To test E1's connection and create a link.
  6. Perform issue analysis and debugging.

Career episode 3 Title: USMS application

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The project also dealt with the proper establishment of the monitoring system so that the faults occurring in the system could be identified and corrected. The duties were:

  1. To design the commissioning work as well as the E guard setup.
  2. Using Ipower SCADA software, prepare the commissioning job by configuring alarms for the respective location.
  3. Monitor and troubleshoot system issues, as well as prepare and submit reports to the higher-level management team.
  4. To carry out the duty of connecting the sites to the main server.

Telecommunication Technical Officer-CDR Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title: Behavior analysis of the base station parameter

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The primary motto of the project was to do the evaluation of the multi-operator GMS’s performance at the base station under the scheme of sharing of infrastructure. Duties:

  1. To learn about the GSM bases station components and understand the function of different activities as well as passive components.
  2. To shift towards the development of a model for relating the network operators of GSM in the constraints of the base station.
  3. To develop an algorithm and carry out its implementation.

Career episode 2 Title: Enterprise network simulation

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The primary concern of the project was to develop as well as to simulate the enterprise network with the concept of VLAN. Responsibilities that were handled were:

  1. To study the architecture of a multi-tiered system where I studied its topology and the hierarchical Network architecture.
  2. To develop the methodology as well as the steps of designing the Network.
  3. To design the communication network and the architecture of the Network.

Career episode 3 Title: Analysis of wireless network in Aircraft

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The primary objectives of the project were set to design the wireless network model for aircraft using satellite communication for better performance. The duties and responsibilities for this project included:

  1. To study the detailed structure for the project, including the design with the implementation.
  2. To choose the appropriate parameter for the design.
  3. To calculate the analysis for the design by the KU and UHF band.
  4. To design the Network in MATLAB
  5. To design the Network using the NS2.

Petroleum Engineers- CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: Oil production eclipse simulation

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In this first career episode candidates, main goal was to improve the efficiency of oil production from a reservoir was the key goal of the project. To match the energy produced to the increasing energy demand from crude oil.

  1. To carry out detailed research into various factors about the production of hydrocarbons in the petroleum reservoirs.
  2. To determine and select the required parameters for the simulation.
  3. To prepare a flowchart of the process to be followed during the simulation analysis
  4. To compare the results of the two simulation cases

Career episode 2 Title: optimized version of Distillation unit

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The project was carried out to perform the design calculation of an optimized version of the distillation unit by increasing the production rate of LPG. The roles and responsibilities of the candidates were:

  1. To study on distillation process of crude oil along with various types of distillation units used to obtain refined oil at different temperatures.
  2. To made different considerations for the design process including the size, weight, and working temperatures.
  3. To determine the total output of the material in terms of its mass.
  4. To determine the number of tubes required and the area of each tube for the heat exchanger.

Career episode 3 Title: Improvement of throughput of the pipeline system

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The main aim of the study was to design a framework for the pipeline in other to accommodate the increased natural gas capacity. The roles and responsibilities of the client for this project was:

  1. To collect the pipeline parameter like pipeline height, pipeline material grade for the simulation process.
  2. To study pipeline installation guidance and procedures.
  3. To determine the most suitable parallel pipes by comparing the two scenarios.
  4. To analyze the simulation result.

Structural Engineer -CDR report samples


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In the first career episode, the primary goal was to carry out the design and analysis of a G+13 irregular building through nonlinear static technique in ETABS. The main goals were:

  1. To make a review on structural design procedure along with consideration of different parameters while designing.
  2. To carry out the calculation related to different loading standards.
  3. To generate the 3D output model of irregular buildings and to perform several analyses.

Career episode 2 Title: Arch bridge design and analysis

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The prime aim of the project was the analysis and design of the arch bridge. Using SAP 2000 for determination of the load distribution on the supports The key responsibility of the writer is:

  1. To gather information regarding the design of the arch bridge.
  2. To carry out the modeling of arc bridge on SAP 2000 software.
  3. To check limitations of vibration as mentioned in the LRFD guideline and limitations of the deflections as per the NCHPR guidelines.

Career episode 3 Title: Prestressed beam design

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Structural design was the primary goal of this project. Additionally, by taking into account the required characteristics.

  1. To get knowledge about prestressed concrete, prestressed beam, TSM, cracking, and decomposition forces by examining various forms of literature.
  2. For the purpose of verifying the tensile reinforcement in the longitudinal direction and determining the ultimate limit condition of the flexural beam the estimated value and how many viable options are available.
  3. To calculate eccentricity using a tendon with a parabolic curve.

Production or plant engineer -CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: Supply chain collaboration

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The TOC was used in this project to improve the company's operational, production, and delivery processes. Improve the supply chain's speed and effectiveness. To lessen the impact of the bottlenecked operation on the business.

  1. Researching the market scenario and implementation process for TOC.
  2. Using TOC and identifying bottlenecks for optimizing the process.
  3. Implementing policies for increasing customers to the company.

Career episode 2 Title: Welding door fixture manufacturing

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Welding fixtures for the door were the subject of this project, which focused on the steps involved in the production process. To lessen the operator's weariness while working in the sector. The following were the responsibilities for the second episode of the professional career:

  1. This project was designed to gather data on welding fixture manufacturing processes and to assess how the company's product manufacturing operations are performing.
  2. To develop a CAD model of the welding fixture.

Career episode 2 Title: Welding door fixture manufacturing

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The following were the responsibilities for the second episode of the professional career:

  1. To manage material for its development and assemble it.
  2. To perform various parameters such as the fixture's cost, volume, weight, and assembly time calculations.
  3. To present the details of the project in a report.

Industrial Engineer -CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Titles: Static Structural Analysis of lumber implant

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For career episode 1, the writer’s main intention of the project was to perform a structural analysis of lumber vertebrates. The project was “Static Structural Analysis of lumber implant”. The responsibilities were:

  1. To study a similar kind of project to determine the research methodologies.
  2. To collect the dimension of lumber and its properties for performing analysis.
  3. To perform finite element analysis to determine stress and deformation by using ANSYS.

Career episode 3 Title: Implementation of Point-of-Sale Management Tool TEAM CORE

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The career episode aims at the implementation of the sale management tool team core for increasing the productivity of the store’s inventory management. Duties were:

  1. To collect the information for the system suppliers or service providers regarding the employed technologies, the requirement of cost, and the quality of support service.
  2. To analyze three different alternatives to the point sale management tool.
  3. To conduct a meeting with the service provider and involve in the demonstration of the product.

Career episode 3 Title: Instant Juice replenishment

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The project's primary goal was to examine the benefits and drawbacks of quick juice. Increased productivity and efficiency of the staff was also a goal in this project's second phase. To gather the project requirements from the commercial manager and industrial engineer in order to successfully complete the project, the following roles were implemented:

  1. Interviewing customers to learn what they think about the product's description, as well as juice and storage difficulties.
  2. The process flow chart approach may be used to evaluate and show the work done by the staff.
  3. Analysis and evaluation of parameters for the improvement.

Mechanical Engineer -CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: CFD Analysis of an Aerodynamics Shape of Upper Body of Car

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A CAD model and a CFD study of the car's upper body were the main goals of this project at the beginning of my professional career. For my project work, I was expected to do research on a variety of issues that were necessary for the project to run well

  1. To use CATIA to create a 3D CAD model of the vehicle and to assemble the tires.
  2. Create the automobile's wire form in SolidWorks to ensure that the car is scaled to the correct dimensions.
  3. To mesh the automobile model in ANSYS workbench.

Career episode 2 Title: Effects of Rest Periods on Straining Behavior of Stainless Steel 316

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The primary goal of the research was to investigate the impact of rest intervals on the behavior of stainless steel. Other goals included reducing break stress in stainless steel 316 and increasing the aging time of stainless steel.

  1. To conduct a literature study to get insights into the characteristics and uses of stainless steel.
  2. Perform studies on the specimen using a Universal Testing Machine both with and without rest intervals (UTM).
  3. To compare the results of continuous and rest period testing to determine the impact of rest intervals on stainless steel.

Career episode 3 Title: Experimental Analysis of Encapsulated Phase Change Material Based Thermal Energy Storage

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The primary objective was to assess EPCM performance using a thermal energy storage system and obtain experimental findings for different temperatures and flow directions during charging and discharging cycles. Project course responsibilities included: gathering information on project-related issues.

  1. To conduct equipment testing and develop Standard Operating Procedures for the institute's equipment.
  2. Research and analysis of the results of trials with temperature and flow rate variations.

 Mining Engineer - CDR Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title: Rapid Advance Using Underground Bulk Emulsion

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Rapid progress through the bulk emulsion was the primary goal of this research. Other objectives included reducing cycle time and improving the void ratio between reamers and the first blast holes.

  1. It is the responsibility of the investigator to investigate the subsurface bulk emulsion issue at two separate mining sites, Rampura Agucha and Sindesar Khurd.
  2. Drilling and initiation design, explosive density, and column optimization all need to be changed in order to increase advance rates and reduce overbreak.
  3. Reduce over-break by measuring drilling variation.

Career episode 2 Title: Improving Production in Pillar Blasting

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The main objective of this project was to improve the productivity of the pillar blasting. Duties:

  1. To understand the techniques regarding a mining method and geology and learn about the geotechnical conditions at Sindesar Khurd Mine (SKM).
  2. To select vertical crater retreat method and long hole open stopping method (LHOS) for the extraction of ore.
  3. To head towards the process of Pillar blasting.
  4. To analyze and evaluate the blast results.
  5. To find the dimension of a crown pillar in the 85th level.

Career episode 3 Title: Developing Global Drill & Blast Data Management System and Key Performance Indicators Reporting Platform.

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The main objective of the project was to develop the key performance Indicator Reporting Platform and develop the Global Drill and Blast management system. Roles were:

  1. To identify and review the key performance indicators of the drilling and blasting process by the obligation of the contract and expectations from the client.
  2. To recognize and select the appropriate data source for the process of drilling and blasting KPIs along with the building of a relationship matrix.

Engineering Manager -CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: Phase 3 CPF2 Power Plant Expansion, OHTL AND SWITCH Yards

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This project was about the surface facility phase three CPF2 power plant expansion, OHTL, and switchyards. The role and responsibilities in career episode 1 are:

  1. To coordinate with the project management team for reviewing the actual site’s condition, datasheet, and structural design calculation.
  2. To review the plans and policies prepared for the design department.
  3. To approve the manufacturing, installation, and commissioning phase.

Career episode 2 Title: Integrated Petrochemical Complex Construction In ATYRAU Region Project

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The vital purpose of this project was to construct integrated petrochemical in the ATYRAU region. Other project goals were to minimize the construction cost of the integrated petrochemical complex by developing a cost-efficient and effective budget., to maintain the quality of the complex by conducting qualitative assessment. Responsibility of project was

  1. To review the piping and instrumentation diagram (P& ID) to know about the piping and process equipment along with the branches, valves, and the control interlocks.

Career episode 3 Title: Greenfield LiOH.H₂O Production Plant For ALBEMARLE KEMERTON Plant

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The chief purpose of this project was to work on the Greenfield LiOH.H2O production plant for Albemarle Kemerton Plant.

  1. To analyze the functional specifications provided by the work contractor for the PLC and PCS programming for the EPCM.
  2. To review the designs for the workshops, detail, and GA drawings, along with the other 3D designs.
  3. To review the designs as per the ASME VIII Div. 1 for construction of pressure vessels.
  4. To gain in-depth knowledge about the Kemerton plant.

Engineering Technologist -CDR report samples

Career episode title 1: Human Being Detection Wireless Remote Controlled Robot

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To design a wireless remote-controlled robot for the detection of life human beings to help the needy people after certain devastating hazards or natural disasters was the main concern of this project

  1. To learn the techniques to develop the live human detection robot and its application at the time of the disasters.
  2. To write the required program in Arduino IDE by following the developed algorithm using the embedded language.
  3. To draw the block diagram receiver and transmitter module.
  4. To choose the component relevant to the project.

Career episode 2 Title: GPS and GSM Based Accident Detection System Using Arduino

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The main objective was to develop an Arduino-based accident detection system that provided an accurate location of the accident

  1. To study all the ideas related to the implementation of the GPS and GSM modules for the project.
  2. To determine the hardware and software necessities for the system.
  3. To prepare the block-based diagram of the accident detection system.
  4. To develop the codes for the action of the Arduino.


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This project targeted to survey the relevant personals regarding the site. Similarly, to enhance the service efficiency of linking networks for aggregation and satellite.

  1. To start to explore the theoretical knowledge practically regarding the NBN technologies, standards of construction, and networks.
  2. To collaborate with the copper specialist of the company and also with the fiber specialist for this survey.
  3. To survey the panel type with the possibility to get installed.

 Environmental Engineer - CDR Report Samples


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The primary objective of the project was to develop a landslide potential map of the Aakhu Khola Watershed

  1. To research the requirements of the area of study.
  2. To plan and select the requisites required for the project.
  3. To fetch data from secondary sources.
  4. To develop a framework and carry out work accordingly.
  5. To develop maps using ArcGIS and carefully interpret each of them.


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The major aim was to assess the quality environment in the work site based upon the quality of air, water and reducing noise levels.

  1. To become acquainted with the hydropower details and construction activities carried out in it.
  2. To examine the impact of tunnel excavation at intake, Adit1, and due to operation of batching and crushing plant.
  3. To evaluate all the results carefully in terms of physical, biological, socio-economic, and cultural environment.
  4. To propose a feasible solution as the responsible member of the study.


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The primary objective related to this project was to perform the IEE of the Janakpur Parikrama through a detailed survey regarding the physical, biological, socio-economic, and cultural prospects.

  1. To get involved in performing the detailed study of the project site with the help of available resources.
  2. To perform the necessary survey of the Janakpur Parikrama road that included environmental aspects.
  3. To examine the necessary impact that could occur in the environment while performing the project in the areas connecting with this road.

  Civil Engineer - CDR Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title: Use Of SAP2000 For Comparative Investigation On High-Rise Building

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The prime objectives were the comparison and analysis of high-rise buildings of G+20 structure in seismic conditions using SAP2000. Duties:

  1. To have a better knowledge of the project's numerous features, do a study of related publications and papers.
  2. To simulate the building structure by implementing SAP2000 software.
  3. Conduct seismic analysis on the building's modeled structures.
  4. To verify the program and calculate lateral displacement and stiffness.

Career episode 2 Title: FLORIS 41

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The main objective of the project was to construct the spacious apartment at Floris 41. Some of the other aims are as follows, to intensify the stability of the structural elements against the external forces, to make a proper space for the residential purpose.

  1. To work with other members of the organization's staff to acquire land or a parcel of land.
  2. Choosing the appropriate equipment for excavation operations and preparing a work report for day-to-day duties.
  3. Supervise and monitor plinth beam and slab work, superstructure column, brick masonry construction, and so forth.


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For the third career episode we Formulated the recommendable strategies for encountering water scarcity problems in the study area was the main focus of the study. Duties:

  1. To examine works of literature on water shortage and the ways used to cope with such a scenario.
  2. To choose a zone for further investigation and then gather data on water demand in the specified zones.
  3. Analyze the acquired data and then suggest a stormwater collecting system based on tree planting and the position of the side drain in the research area.

Electrical Engineering Draftsperson -CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: compensator for operating in the power system design

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The primary goal of the project was to develop the model of the compensator for the power system. And minor objectives were as follows:

  1. Improving the distribution system's power quality.
  2. Increasing the energy system's stability.
  3. Obtaining pertinent and necessary project-related information.
  4. Gathering all of the project's components.
  5. Create the compensator's block model.
  6. To get results from the model's simulation.

Career episode 2 Title: Design of the wind-based power system interconnected with the grid

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The project’s main objective was to design the wind energy-based power system for grid connection. Other secondary objectives were to enhance the use of renewable wind energy, to increase the efficiency of the power generation system. Duties

  1. To investigate more literary works by other authors that are relevant to the wind energy system.
  2. Choosing the units for the system's modeling.
  3. Using the assistance of other users, tackle the difficulty encountered during the simulation.
  4. Create a model of the subsystems involved in the width modulation system.

Career episode 3 Title: Design of power factor correction circuits

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The main target of the project work was to design the power factor correcting circuit to improve the power factor of the AC power network. Some other aims were, to improve the system's power quality and to add accuracy to the model of the system, to increase the power factor of the unit by utilizing the best correction circuit. Roles and responsibility

  1. To get a thorough understanding of power factor correction (PFC) methods and circuits.
  2. Choosing the project's core units and components.
  3. Create a Simulink model of the PFC circuit with and without a capacitive unit.

Electronics Engineer - CDR Report Samples

Career episode 1 Title:Major Aim To Propose a DC Motor Speed Regulation By DTMF

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The project’s major aim was to propose a speed controlling technique of the motor by DTMF. Similarly, the other goals were:

  1. To reduce the cost of the speed regulating DC motor.
  2. To save the time of an individual to control the motor speed.
  3. Roles and responsibility:
  4. To study the working principle and frequency band used in DTMF
  5. To use PIC microcontroller as a central core to operate the circuit.
  6. To carry out testing of the circuit.
  7. To then develop the proposed system’s block diagram for simplification of the project.

Career episode 2 Title: Power Optimization Circuit Design

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To design an optimized power circuit of the controlled oscillator of LC Voltage was the primary focus of the project. The secondary motto of this project was as:

  1. To increase the life of the battery for the optimization of power in critical conditions.
  2. To enhance reliability and accuracy as well as to minimize power consumption.
  3. Duties:
  4. To review several numbers of research papers, books, and related articles to understand the proposed project.
  5. To create the circuit diagram of VCO topology for the GSM scheme and execute the transient along with phase noise and power analysis of the VCO topology circuit for the GSM circuit.

Career episode 3 Title: Optimization of power supply

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This project aimed at producing a power supply in the resonant mode for LCD TV and Monitor executing the techniques of soft switching.

  1. To reduce the switching loss by implementing various switching techniques.
  2. To acquire a high efficiency in the power supply.
  3. Duties :
  4. To study the power supply in different modes.
  5. To use the appropriate technique for the project as per its performance.
  6. To design the power supply of switched-mode with hard switching and soft switching.
  7. To calculate the equation of the various modes by the boundary condition.

Aeronautical engineer - CDR report samples


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The top priority of this project was to carry out a detailed structural design and input load analysis of the 1600K MALE UAV. Other targets included:

  1. To enhance the safety of the aircraft with the help of optimized pressure distribution analysis.
  2. To optimize the cost of construction with the optimization of input load in the aircraft.
  3. Duties and responsibility:
  4. To investigate unmanned aerial vehicles and the variables that influence them.
  5. Determining the form specifications of the UAV and selecting acceptable materials.
  6. Conduct FEA analysis for load and pressure distribution.


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The main aim behind this project was to design and analyze the wing structure made from a composite material of aluminum alloy and carbon-epoxy, in reducing the overall cost of manufacturing the wing by the inclusion of composite material.

  1. To enhance the efficiency and life of the aircraft wing with the use of composite material.
  3. To undertake an examination into aircraft wings and different loading circumstances.
  4. Choosing the best composite material for a comparative study.


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The main aim of this project was to calculate the power required for the operation of different modes of flight in the helicopter.

  1. Conduct a literature review to determine the requirement for MATLAB simulation in the Helicopter model.
  2. Choosing the right components for the project's implementation.
  3. Analyze the model in order to generate different graphs.
  4. Using MATLAB, simulate the model by specifying boundary conditions.

Agricultural Engineer- CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: Afforestation Project to afforest the timber seedling on the given sites

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The prime aim of the project was to afforest the timber seedling on the given sites. However, some motives of this project were to perform the plantation of the timber by using the correct and suitable technologies such as land development, irrigation, etc, to minimize environmental hazards such as air pollution, soil erosion, landslides by planting the tree on barren lands.

  1. Analyze soil samples from the compartment and determine their quality for seedlings.
  2. Obtaining knowledge of the rain forecast in the project area and determining whether an irrigation system was required.
  3. Choosing the proper seedling breeds to avoid disease and climate damage

Career episode 2 Title: Construction Supervision of Irrigation Dam for Farmers within the Mining Locality

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For Career episode 2 main intention of the project was to construct an irrigation dam for farmers within the mining locality. The other objectives of this project were to fulfill the irrigation water requirement of the farmers in the locality of mining, to provide the water with adequate quality for improving crop production.

  1. Conduct preliminary research on project papers and a site survey.
  2. To clear the project site and prepare for the project.
  3. To denote the diameter for building, excavation, and lining purposes.
  4. Caissoning into the aquifer and supervising intake construction.

Career episode 3 Title: Evaluation of the effect of land scope on soil loss from erosion site

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The prime aim of the project was to evaluate the land scope effect on soil loss from erosion sites. The other goals of the project were to estimate the soil loss from the erosion site by using the USLE method to preserve the topsoil of the land from the soil erosion.

  1. To study the project documents and conduct a preliminary visit to the site.
  2. To survey the study area and analyze the topography.
  3. To develop the topographical map for the surveyed area.
  4. To divide the total land area into separate divisions.

Bio-medical Engineer - CDR report samples

Career episode 1 Title: Preparation and Testing of Injectable Bone Substitute using Eggshell

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An eggshell-based injectable bone replacement (IBS) was tested and prepared for full bone resorption, and a simple and cost-effective technique to IBS manufacture was provided as part of this research.

  1. I conducted a literature review by reading a variety of papers that had significant information for the topic.
  2. I chose the resources I needed to prepare for the IBS exam.
  3. I used calcium carbonate to make sample preparations.

Career episode 2 Title: Designing a low-cost Electro Spinning device for nano fiber production

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The primary goal of the research was to develop a low-cost electro spinning device for nano fiber production.

  1. Electrospinning was used in the previous testing, so I went through the procedure again.
  2. Based on the system's needs, I selected a number of components.
  3. I drew a block diagram depicting the electrospinning process in its entirety.
  4. It was my idea to design the circuit components and then build the model.

Career episode 3 Title: Installation of Compound Radiography System

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Responsibility and roles

  1. Make a thorough review of all tender documents to understand more about the system requirements.
  2. A radiographic room's major components include the following: the design of its layout, access to the room's equipment and medical appliances, installation of the room's major components, testing the installed system's functionality, provision of system training for the hospital's staff (including doctors and nurses), testing, and installation.