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What is CDR Report Writing Service?

CDR report writing service is professional assistance to write CDR reports for engineers who wish to immigrate to Australia or get registered in Engineers Australia. This service is provided by experienced CDR report writers.

A CDR for Engineers Australia demonstrates that the applicant holds exceptional engineering competencies and can excel in their chosen engineering discipline in Australia. A CDR report that doesn't align with EA's guidelines risks getting rejected. The report must be written in the standard format to avoid CDR report rejection.

To be on the safe side and get your CDR report approved in the first go, you can choose CDR writing services from CDR Writer Australia. We are a renowned name when it comes to providing top-level and result-driven CDR report writing services in Australia for all engineering domains.

CDR Report Writing: Things to consider

With our complete CDR report writing service, you are one step CLOSER to becoming a Registered Engineer in Australia! Don't hold back, Take action now!

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What is included in our CDR Report Writing Services?

Every section in the CDR report is crafted with perfection- no errors, no issues! Just a clear and compelling report to boost a successful Engineers Australia Skills Assessment.

1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is all about your devotion and engagement in the field of engineering after earning your engineering degree. The CPD Writing includes extra courses, internships, or workshops you have attended after earning an engineering degree. Furthermore, CPD indicates your ongoing interest in learning and growing in the chosen field of profession.

The CPD is always presented in table format. We fill the table with events in chronological order when offering our CPD service. We ensure to show your professional growth beyond academic achievements.

2. Career Episode (CE)

A career episode is a record of your engineering education and/or work experience. The career episode aims to demonstrate your engineering skills, what you did, and how you made a difference in a project.

To start our Career Episode Writing service, we first ask you about your engineering projects and details. After acquiring the details, we begin drafting 3 career episodes, putting your engineering effort and contribution in the spotlight. With us, you can expect impressive, error-free, and detailed career episode writing between 1,000 - 2,500 words.

3. Summary Statement

A summary statement writing is the last but crucial part of the CDR report. In this section, a brief overview of cross-references of specific elements in your career episodes is written. A summary statement is always presented in a tabular format where you provide:

  • A competency element (for the chosen occupational category as indicated by the ANZSCO Code).
  • A brief summary of how you applied the element.
  • A paragraph in the career episode where the element is addressed.

When offering our summary statement writing service, we aim to meet the EA standards. To be more specific, we check the targeted occupational category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Manager) and restudy career episodes to draft an impeccable summary statement.

Benefits of Hiring Professional CDR Report Writing Services

Switching to professional CDR services has numerous benefits. Professional service providers offer their CDR report writing services by staying strictly compliant with Engineers Australia's guidelines and standards for CDR report writing. Also, a professional CDR writing service provider is like a one-stop solution for engineers, as they have professional writers for every engineering domain. All in all, professional CDR writers deliver premium, original, plagiarism-free, flawless, and compelling CDR reports. This decreases the risks of rejection and saves your precious time.

Professionals also provide CDR Review services for those who have written their CDR independently.

Additional Features of our CDR report writing service:

Professional Writers: Quality Assured


Plagiarism Free Reports


File Status Update


Handling Unlimited Comments from EA


Review of Clients Project


EA Portal Upload (for royal package)


Documentation Guideline Help


Rewrite any Career Episode upon EA comment


Rewrite any project upon EA comment


Review by Pallavi Bothra:

Due to time constraints and lack of technical writing skills, it was getting very difficult for me to prepare my CDR report on time. I had to opt for a professional service and it honestly changed my whole situation for the better. My documentation became much more effective and I have received a successful skill assessment. Much appreciation for the CDR team.

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Pricing of CDR Report Writing

We provide CDR Report Writing services based on your urgency level and budget. At present, we are offering 4 packages: 15 Days, 10 Days, 7 Days, and Royal Package.

Find a suitable CDR report writing package and pricing. Contact us for your next step.

CDR Services 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD) Royal Package (AUD)
Complete CDR Report (3 Career episodes, 1 summary statement, 1 CPD) $699 $799 $1099 $2499

Switch to CDR pros like CDR Writer Australia, and Get positive assessment on the first go.

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Frequently Asked Question

Engineers who:

  • Plan to apply for skilled migration to Australia.
  • Do not want to write CDR by themselves.
  • Do not have time to research and write.
  • Have doubts about drafting an "acceptable CDR"
  • Have a history of rejected CDR.

In these conditions, switching to professional CDR report writers instead of writing everything from scratch can help save time and effort.

CDR Writer Australia is a trusted name when it comes to offering the smoothest, result-oriented, and hassle-free CDR writing service at affordable prices.

Contact us to kickstart your CDR report writing.

Apart from the CDR report, the documents you need for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) are the following:

  • Personal Information
    • Passport Size Photo
    • Prime Identification Document (passport bio-data page/ Birth Certificate and/or National Identity Card )
    • Name Change Documentation
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Résumé
    • English Language competency ( IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE ACADEMIC result)
  • Application Information
    • Engineering occupation in which you are seeking assessment.
    • Evidence of your professional registration
  • Education qualifications
    • Degree certificate
    • official academic transcript and/or other supporting documents (like course syllabus).

Note* Try to submit the official English translations of all documents.

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Our pricing for CDR report writing service is affordable. However, pricing may vary in terms of urgency / the plan you choose.

Yes, the CDR report writing service price is the same for all engineering domains. The pricing does not vary depending on the client's specific needs, and complexity of engineering experiences. We do not add any additional cost.

Yes, as a CDR writing company, we also offer a portal uploading service. This includes creating your account portal for submission of CDR and other documents.