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7 Common Challenges in NER Applications

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Publish date: 2024/3/11


Earning your national engineering registration is a significant accomplishment. But, the application process is not easy work. Engineers face many challenges that lead to frustration and delays.

However, if you understand the requirements for the National Engineering Register (NER) and address obstacles, you can definitely expect a positive NER assessment outcome.

This article lists the common challenges you might encounter, and offers practical strategies to overcome them.

So, let’s get started!

Challenges Faced by Applicant When Applying For National Engineers Register

Here are 7 common challenges registrants face:

1. Effectively Demonstrating the Competency

You (applicant) have to exhibit 5 NER competencies on the Self Assessment Form (SAF). When filling out this form, you must explain, “How do you meet the competency?” It can be tough to precisely explain how you have acquired the respective element of competence.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Study the competencies in detail. This will help you to focus your preparation in required areas.
  • Evaluate your writing by visualising how assessors would rate it.
  • Gather evidence of your experience in each competency area.
  • Do not try to be a jack-of-all-trades. Focus on areas where you excel.

2. Precise Expanded CV Writing

In Expanded CV Writing, you must explain your roles and responsibilities, key achievements, and contribution in your work history. It is challenging to describe all the work details precisely and put them in chronological order.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Research the requirements and evaluation criteria.
  • Reflect on past projects, and memorise them for effective competency presentations.
  • Focus on showcasing your competencies and achievements in relation to the NER requirements of your EA occupational category.
  • Look for examples and guidance provided by Engineers Australia.
  • Don't hesitate to seek help from experienced professionals. Consider services from career advisors, resume writers, or experienced engineers who have successfully navigated the NER registration process.

3. Having or Maintaining PI Insurance

It is mandatory for engineers to have PI insurance cover and they should be able to maintain it.

However, Engineers who are already registered in NER often have issues because the cost for maintaining PII is high.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Compare offers of different insurers to see if you can find a more competitive rate.
  • Negotiate a lower premium with your current insurer if you have a good claims history.
  • Join a professional association that offers PII to their members at a discounted rate.
  • Seek to limit your liability through contracts or other legal means. Consult a lawyer for guidance.

4. Finding a Suitable Referee

Good referees become your advocate to the assessor, but they are challenging to secure.

Additionally, there is a high chance of refusal from potential referees. Why? This is because of:

  • Concerns about their professional reputation
  • Lack of adequate time
  • Fear of legal and ethical issues, etc.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Start your search early.
  • Reach out to former employers, supervisors, or colleagues.
  • Contact the professional organisation(s) you work for.
  • Attend industry events and conferences to network with potential referees.
  • Explore university faculty or research supervisors if your experience is heavily academic.

5. Interview with NER Assessors

Facing an interview with the assessors poses a huge challenge.

Here, you have to convince assessors that you meet all the National Engineering Registration standards.

During the interview, assessors check technical competence, communication skills, and ability to explain engineering experiences effectively. This hence forces you to make a thorough preparation.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Understand interview format, typical questions, and expectations of assessors.
  • Prepare specific examples from your past projects and experiences.
  • Practise a ‘mock interview’ with a friend, colleague, or career coach.
  • Practise your answers out loud. Consider recording yourself to identify areas for improvement.

6. Maintaining Compliance Requirements

Facing an interview with the assessors poses a huge challenge.

Aligning with the latest compliance requirements can be tricky. This is because you must be aware of the updates in industry standards. This includes latest regulatory changes such as changes in name of documents, change in requirements and more.


Change of “NER work experience statement” to “Expanded CV”.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Regularly update your documents and professional development records.
  • Subscribe to EA email updates, newsletters, and announcements regarding changes to the NER process.
  • Regularly check the NER page in EA’s website.
  • Join online communities such as forums or social media groups. Other professionals facing similar challenges share valuable real-time information and updates in these platforms.
  • Consult with Engineers Australia directly.

7. Investing Huge Amount of Time and Effort

NER application requires a huge amount of time and effort. Strong attention and thorough preparation are needed to meet the requirements and preparation of documents required for NER.

Thus, balancing professional duties with the time-consuming nature of NER registration can be difficult.

How to overcome this challenge?

  • Create a dedicated schedule for both your professional commitments and preparation time.
  • Break down the application process into smaller, achievable tasks and set realistic deadlines for completing each one.
  • Explore time-saving options like hiring professionals to help manage your schedule and paperwork.


How Can Professionals Help You Overcome These NER Challenges?

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Key Takeaways

  • NER Challenges: Effectively Demonstrating the Competency, Precise Expanded CV Writing, Having or Maintaining PI Insurance, Finding a Suitable Referee, Interview with Assessors, Maintaining Compliance Requirements, and Investing Huge Amount of Time and Effort.
  • These challenges can impact your preparation for registering in the National Engineering Register.
  • Professional service providers are available to help you prepare the documents required for NER.
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