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Australia has a long history of being viewed as a nation having a wide range of opportunities. Furthermore, more and more people are traveling to Australia every day. Once a partner has arrived in Australia, it is only natural for one of the partners to wish to bring that partner along. However, the procedure of applying for a partner visa is difficult, and the fact that it has the highest refusal rate of any Australian visa (37%) doesn't make it any less stressful. The applicant for a partner visa must gather what seems like hundreds of documents to upload as proof of their sincere relationship with their Australian partner.

The relationship statement is one of those documents that is really important. You must write your relationship statement for the partner visa before you can begin uploading all of your supporting documentation (photos, bills, etc.). Clients frequently struggle with this step because they are never quite sure how to write a relationship statement to support their partner visa application.

The relationship statement is an essential aspect of your partner visa application. This is your chance to speak with the case officer directly and describe the nature of your relationship. We urge you to proceed in this manner.

Under the Australian Partner Visa scheme, both visa applicants and sponsors must submit a partnership statement. The specifications for these relationship declarations are covered in this article.

The major objectives of your relationship statement are as follows:

  • First explain the nature of your relationship; how you met, and the crucial moments in the development of your relationship.
  • Second, complete any gaps in your evidence, clarify any inconsistencies, and place it in its proper perspective.

The length of each statement should be two to three pages. The major goal of this remark is to show that your relationship is ongoing and sincere. This is a crucial time for you to tell the case officer about your link and demonstrate that it is true in your own words. To guarantee that the assertion is as strong as possible, it is worthwhile to revise and examine it.

The best ways to write a relationship statement for your partner's visa:

1. Don't be embarrassed.

Describe how and when you met and the specific day your relationship started. Tell the case officer how your connection has developed. Did you two start out as friends? Explain how you transitioned from a casual or friendship connection to a serious commitment in this part, being as descriptive as you can. Don't be scared to describe what attracted you to your partner and how you felt when you first met them. It may seem strange at first to put everything down on paper, but it's all a part of the process.

2. Check your spelling

To ensure that your grammar and punctuation are accurate, print your statement several times and examine it. It would be advantageous if you made an effort to correctly spell the names of important places and people. The names of your family members and partner must be spelled accurately. We advise discussing the statement with a relative or close friend before you sign it.

3. Describe the differences

Have you ever spent a long time separated from someone? Describe your communication methods and frequency. Did you use text and phone calls to communicate frequently? Did you use email or texting apps? Have you ever traveled by yourself? If that's the case, how did you stay in touch during that time? Because your case officer will carefully examine your separation times, it is imperative that you include some information here.

4. Describe its development.

Describe the development and seriousness of your relationship. Anything significant that happened? Perhaps your partner did something unique to express their love for you or was there for you when you needed them. Tell the case officer how your relationship has developed and when you first met your partner's relatives and family.

5. Describe your normal day.

You should also describe the type of household you and your partner share in the statement. This criterion takes into account the management of your family since you began co-living. You can specify who does the cooking and cleaning, how other domestic tasks are split up, and how your financial arrangements support your family.

6. Mention interests

You could also talk about your shared interests in leisure activities and your favorite activities to do as a couple. Include any trips and activities you take part in together in this as well (internet gaming, family outings, hiking). Describe the leisure activities you and your partner like to do together in more detail using this statement.

7. Discuss your finances

How you and your partner handle and manage your finances should be included in your financial statement. If you haven't yet disclosed the details of your bank accounts, this is very crucial. In your budget, you should also account for expenses like credit card payments, rent, groceries, and auto loans. But in addition to the problems, you might want to talk about the differences in your relationships.

8. Mention your future aspirations.

You must demonstrate that you two are truly connected, that this connection is ongoing, and that you desire to spend the rest of your life together. List your impending plans in the statement, such as travel arrangements or sizable purchases. You can also talk about your aspirations for the future, such as getting married or starting a family. You might also describe how you two want to save for a down payment on a home or make other important purchases.

9. Bring your coworkers along.

It's time to get rid of those unused Christmas cards and wedding invitations stashed in the back of a drawer. Your relatives and friends value your relationship if they invite you to events together. Use the relationship statement on your partner visa to specify the location, the time you were contacted, and whether you responded.

10. Verify that your dates are accurate.

To demonstrate how long your relationship has lasted, make sure your remarks are sprinkled with precise dates. Remind the reader of the duration of your relationship. Include crucial dates like the day you moved in together, anniversary dates, and other milestone anniversaries that are important to you both.

We advise you to write a rough draft of your statement using bullet points before adding more detail. Many candidates find that, prior to drafting the partnership declaration, they find it helpful to develop a timeline and discuss it with their partners. There cannot be any information in the statements of the applicant and the sponsor that conflicts with one another. Finally, you should verify the dates and timeline of events in your partner's statement, so take your time and get it right.


Australia has a long history of being seen as a place with numerous opportunities. And the number of people going to Australia is increasing day by day. If you have any questions about migratory skills or how to write a relationship statement for your partner's visa, please contact CDR Writers for Engineers Australia. If you have any further inquiries about the skill migration pathway to Australia, the CDR Report, the ACS RPL Report, the KA02 Report, or any of our other services.