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What is RPL Report Writing?

An RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) report writing is a documentation service for preparing an RPL report. It is important to those without recognised tertiary ICT qualifications or tertiary qualifications with less or no ICT content.

An RPL report is submitted to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). ACS utilises this report for skill assessment of the qualification and abilities of aspiring ICT professionals. For this, the report must cover two sections:

  1. Key areas of knowledge
  2. Project report forms

An original RPL report must perfectly show the candidate's experience and relevant job description for a positive ACS skills assessment.

Fact: RPL report compensates for the absence of a candidate's IT academic qualifications.

RPL Report Writing: Things To Consider

Our Immaculate RPL reports to Impress the ACS Accessors

Make your dream to work as an Australian ICT professional come true with help of expertly written RPL reports. With us, you can expect authentic and success-focused reports. Choose us and enjoy streamlined RPL writing service in Australia.

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Our RPL Report Format

ACS RPL Australia has a specific format with two sections:

  • Section 1: Body of ICT Knowledge
  • Section 2: The Project Report Forms (In-depth ICT Knowledge)

We follow this format strictly for both of your projects.

Section 1: Body of ICT Knowledge

In section 1, we

  • Explain where (in which country) and how you gained knowledge in your working environment
  • Describe how your ICT qualifications and experience match the selected areas of knowledge

Section 1 has two topics:

  1. Professionalism as it applies in ICT
  2. Core ICT Knowledge

Professionalism as it applies in ICT

It mostly includes a set of fundamental knowledge that all professionals in the ICT field should have. Such knowledge, hence, forms the basis for the 5 main categories.

Categories of 'Professionalism as it applies to ICT' are:

  • Professional ICT Ethics
  • Impact of ICT
  • Working Individually and in ICT development teams
  • Professional Communication
  • The Professional ICT Practitioner

Core ICT Knowledge

Core ICT knowledge is all about understanding the basic parts of information technology and how they fit together.

Topics included in Core ICT Knowledge are:

  1. ICT Fundamentals
  2. ICT Infrastructure
  3. Information and Data Science Engineering
  4. Computational Science and Engineering
  5. Application Systems
  6. Cyber Security
  7. ICT Projects
  8. ICT Management and Governance

Personal Engineering Activity (600-1500 words)

Our CDR report writing experts ensure to write this section in between 600 to 1500 words. In this part, we best describe your actual work in the project. Our goal is to craft compelling personal engineering activity by giving your ‘contribution’ the centre stage. Also, we never miss addressing the technical difficulties/problems you faced and how you solved them. Along with that, we explain the strategies you devised and collaboration you did with other team members.


We perform summary statement writing with precision of each career episode. Our focus is to provide your personal perspective and overview regarding the project. And, we also include the project's success and how your role helped the project.

Section 2: The Project Report Forms (In-depth ICT Knowledge)

The two (2) projects in section 2 acts as a clear description of your ICT work. After studying and acquiring details of these 2 major ICT projects of your career, we demonstrate your:

  • In-depth understanding of a specific area of ICT
  • Skills and deep knowledge needed for specific ICT roles

When writing section 2 of RPL report, we include:

Project Summary

This includes 5 parts. Here, we include:

  • Project Identification
  • Duration
  • Resources: Your team size and Total project team size
  • Your Personal Involvement:project phases in which you were personally involved
  • Description of your role(s) and responsibilities in the project

Business Opportunity or Problems

Here, we include:

  • Description of the business opportunity or problem(s) this project addressed


This includes 3 parts. Here, we include:

  • Discussion of your contribution to the solution, project or engagement
  • Description of any design or problem solving methods you used on this project
  • List of major deliverables of the project that you were responsible for or contributed to


This includes 3 parts. Here, we include:

  • If your solution was implemented. If so, we describe you role, if any, in the implementation
  • Assessment of the overall success or failure of the project
  • Lessons Learned, what you might have done differently on this project if the solution you offered was not implemented

We Choose The Right Factors for the Projects

When writing about the project reports in section 2, we ensure to focus on factors that match your role in the project. The factors will depend on which sort of ICT project you choose.

Possible factors include:

  • System Analysis and Design and Software Engineering methodologies used
  • Contribution to the processes involved in the design and implementation of enterprise-wide computing systems
  • Programming languages, design paradigms, and implementation procedures adopted
  • Database and/or file design and management techniques employed
  • Network topologies, including size, distribution, and security facilities installed
  • Project Management and quality assurance techniques followed
  • Internet application design, including database interactivity and security measures implemented
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science
  • ICT managerial activities, demonstrating the nature and extent of responsibilities.

Download the official ACS RPL form.

The Specifics of Our RPL Report Writing Services

Our RPL writers put their unwavering dedication into ensuring positive skill assessment and hassle-free migration to Australia.

Adherence to ACS guidelines

While providing our ACS RPL report writing service, we make sure to abide by the Australian Computer Society's (ACS) guidelines. Our report is of the highest standard, which definitely results in positive assessment.

Showcase your Foundational Knowledge

Our RPL writers begin writing by preparing an impressive Section 1 of the RPL. This section is all about the Essential Core ICT knowledge (ICT professional knowledge and ICT problem solving) and General ICT knowledge (Technology resources, Technology building, and ICT management).

Highlight your role in the success of projects

Section 2 of the RPL report is all about relating to projects or work episodes during your professional career. For this, we require details of 2 projects; one must be undertaken within the last 3 years and the next within the last 5 years. Our writers first comprehend your role in the project and then cover appropriate factors in the RPL report.

Easy and hassle-free service for your convenience

Even if you require urgent RPL report writing help, we can provide timely and high-quality assistance. To help you avoid any stress and struggle from your daily life and work, we offer different types of RPL services, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the process. With us, you have options!

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I was struggling to align my RPL report and highlight relevances in my report as per ACS’s criteria. Finally after much thought and self-debate, I reached out to CDR Writer Australia for support, and they effectively improved the precision of details and alignment with set criterias. And, I received my positive assessment.

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Pricing of RPL Report Writing

Choose our RPL writing service that fits your needs, budget and time limit. We have 4 service packages in our RPL service. Select a suitable one and let's commence your RPL writing.

RPL Services 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD) Royal Package (AUD)
Complete RPL Report $599 $799 $899 $999
Project Writing $199 $299 $349
Keys Area of Knowledge $179 $229 $349
ACS Portal Upload $199

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, RPL is necessary by ACS, typically for ACS skills assessments. ACS considers the RPL report as strong proof of the ICT work experience of individuals, even without formal ICT qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment is a process of evaluating candidates who have low or no ICT qualifications but want to migrate to Australia. Through RPL assessment, a candidate can showcase their skills, experiences, and competency.

Yes! So far, 100 % of our clients' RPL reports have been assessed as "SUITABLE" by ACS.

You can write an ACS RPL report on your own or choose an RPL report writing service. If you choose professional writing services for your RPL report, you will witness the following differences:

  • Your self-written RPL report may not cover all the ACS criteria and follow ACS guidelines. But professionals will cover everything.
  • Professional services provide polished, well-structured reports in a given time, but it may take you longer to write RPL from scratch.
  • A self-written RPL report's approval is uncertain, while an RPL written by professionals has a higher chance of positive skill assessment.
  • Since there are many reasons for ACS RPL report rejection, getting professional RPL report help is highly recommended.

    There is no fixed RPL writing cost in Australia. However, the service price range can be a minimum of 700 AUD and a maximum of 1000 AUD.

    The pricing can vary in terms of:

    • The complexity of the report
    • Budget of the clients
    • Urgency to submit the report

    To be the best RPL provider in Australia, an RPL agency must possess the following qualities:

    1. Deep understanding of ACS guidelines
    2. A strong team of professional RPL writers
    3. Affordable pricing and transparent process
    4. A high RPL success rate
    5. High number of happy clients

    CDR Writer Australia possesses all of the above qualities and hence can be referred to as the "best RPL provider in Australia".