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What is RPL Report?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a report for evaluating individual skills who desire to immigrate to Australia and begin a job in ICT but do not have ICT qualifications or any academic ICT qualifications. Before moving to Australia, each applicant is examined by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for the essential requirements.

As a result, even if a candidate lacks the necessary ICT qualifications or does not come from an ICT background, ACS Skill Assessment offers a really good opportunity for them to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and skills through the RPL report. We offer top-notch RPL reports created by our skilled and experienced writers.

ICT professionals who are migrating to Australia via a skilled migration pathway can use our professional help for ACS RPL report writing service to write their RPL Report for ACS Australia. Candidates holding jobs in information and communication technology must pass a skills assessment test administered by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) before getting hired. Our expert writers at CDR Writer Australia can assure you of a 100% positive skill assessment outcome on your RPL Report for ACS.

What is RPL Assessment?

RPL Assessment involves assessing an individual's prior work, education, and life experience to recognize their acquired skills, knowledge, and competencies. The purpose of this assessment is to allow individuals to prove that they already have the necessary qualifications for a job, training program, or educational course. By acknowledging prior learning, RPL Assessment helps individuals save time and money in completing a qualification or training program. RPL Assessment requires collecting proof of an individual's past learning and experience, which can include work samples, references, and qualifications. This evidence is then evaluated against the appropriate competency standards or qualifications. The ACS assessors then review this documentation and assess the individual's suitability for recognition as an ICT professional.

Who needs an ACS RPL Report?

There are two main categories into which ACS RPL applicants can be placed:

  1. Candidates without an ICT degree and having a minimum of 6 years of professional ICT employment experience in a field related to the nominated occupation ANZSCO Code will need an ACS RPL Report.
  2. Candidates without academic degrees must also have eight years of ICT-skilled work experience, but this additional experience need not be related to the ANZSCO code. Candidates without academic degrees must also have two more years of ICT-skilled work experience.

The reasons behind the rejection of your ACS RPL reports are:

There are various reasons behind the rejection of the Recognition of Prior Learning Report for ACS. Some of them are explained below:

1. Plagiarism:

Online resources and samples of RPL reports are widely available. However, you should be aware that those samples are only being offered for reference. If you copy text from those example reports and paste it into your RPL reports, ACS will detect you and your report will be rejected. Thoroughly conduct Report Review so that your RPL report will be authenticated and unique according to ACS requirements.

2. Lack of experience:

Many candidates find this topic very confusing. The ACS distinguishes between job skill evaluation before and after qualification and contains a number of criteria for skill level needs. You must first have a certain number of years of work experience in order to meet the requirements for skilled migration along with all eligibility criteria. If not, your RPL Report will be rejected.

3. Irrelevant job description:

The primary source of information about your ICT knowledge and skills is your job description. As a consequence, choose job descriptions that are accurate and up to date. The only things that should be mentioned in the job description are the abilities and work experience you have gained while working as an ICT worker. Otherwise, your RPL Assessment will be rejected.

Things to consider before hiring an ACS RPL Report Writer

The ideal option for the RPL Report Writing Service Provider to conduct business is to be registered in Australia.

When writing the ACS RPL Report, we must be familiar with its criteria and formats. It is not necessary that the consultant you hire be from Australia. He/she can be from anywhere, but be aware that he/she must have good information about the ACS RPL report. Also, they should be updated with the Employment Reference Letter for ACS RPL Reports . Our writers are IT experts from Australia, so they are up to date with the changes going on related to visas and those registered in Australia and provide professional help for ACS RPL reports.

  • The RPL Report writing service provider should be aware of and up-to-date with the format and guidelines of ACS Australia.
  • The ACS RPL report writing service provider must know about the immigration process.
  • To write an RPL report, the service provider should have a lot of experience with IT.

Format of ACS RPL Report

The RPL Project Report Form on the ACS website is where you provide your project details, with two mandatory sections to complete.

Section 1: Key Areas of Knowledge

Within this section, there are two types of ICT Knowledge: Essential ICT Knowledge and General ICT Knowledge.

Essential ICT Knowledge

Here, Applicants must select only one of the two topics covered.

  • Topic-1: ICT Professional Knowledge
  • Topic-2: ICT Problem Solving

Let us say, topic-1 is chosen. It is gained in two situations. Regardless of whether it was gained through academic or work experience, subtopics exist within this area. However, only two subtopics must be selected and elaborated on based on projects completed at different companies.

Sub Topics:
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Team Work
  • Social Conflicts

General ICT Knowledge

Within the General ICT Knowledge stream, there are three topics to choose from. However, the applicant must only select one and relate it to the project they completed.

  • Topic-3: Technology Resources
  • Topic-4: Technology Building
  • Topic-5: ICT Management

Let’s say topic-3 is chosen. For this topic, you must choose two out of three sub-topics, and explain both of the chosen sub-topics.

Sub Topics:
  • Hardware and Software Fundamentals
  • Data and Information Management
  • Data Communications and Networking

Section 2: RPL Project Report

You need to present two project reports - one for a project accomplished within the last three years and the other for a project completed within the last five years. Each report has distinct sections, and one of them is dedicated to providing information about the projects selected. The information include the following:

  • The project's name, duration, team size, and other relevant general details are incorporated.
  • Following that, you will review the project's phases, which are categorised into four sections.
  • The next section covers the distinct roles and responsibilities of the project.
  • You need to depict the business problem or opportunity that the project is based on.
  • In addition, you should describe your involvement in devising solutions to address those concerns, as well as any design or problem-solving approaches you employed during the project.
  • You need to compile a list of the expected deliverables to be completed by the project's end.
  • Lastly, you need to review the project outcomes in sequence. Start with your involvement in implementing the solution, assess the project's success or failure, and provide additional insights on how you could have done better or differently.

All IT specialists who are willing to migrate to Australia must prepare the ACS RPL report. Many consultants are offering RPL report writing services, but academic writers are more used to writing them than ICT major writers. CDR Writer Australia is a team of IT professionals who can assist you in obtaining a favourable ACS skill assessment by writing effective RPL reports for the Australian Computer Society. They help us to offer the best RPL report writing service as well as ensure that RPL reports meet all the requirements prescribed by ACS. We also offer other services like CDR Report Writing, KA02 knowledge Assessment, Summary Statement Writing, Career Episode Writing, and CDR Review Services.

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Frequently Asked Question

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a fully documented report for evaluating the skills gained throughout the professional experiences of an individual who is willing to migrate to Australia and enroll in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It is required to have the necessary qualifications before applying for Australian Immigration. In such circumstances, an RPL report helps any non-ICT applicants (who do not have any qualified degree or are from different academic backgrounds) to showcase their skills and knowledge to Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Commonly, ACS deduct 2 years of experience as it considers it a training period. However, ACS can also deduct approximately 2 years to 6 years of work experience depending upon the educational background of the candidate. For clarification, the other number of years are deducted if an individual is from a non-ICT field or their experience does not match the job profile.

As instructed by ACS, it is required to submit two project reports within an RPL application. One of the two projects needs to be undertaken within the last three years and the other project within the last five years. The RPL to be submitted to ACS should be completely original and plagiarism free. Furthermore, they can brand the failure to disclose the detailed information and their origin as fraudulent activity.

ACS assessment is a computer-based migration skill assessment undertaken by ACS to evaluate whether the applicants fulfill the eligibility requirements for an ICT professional in Australia. In general, skill assessment gives an opportunity to non-ICT applicants to showcase their skills that are equivalent to the job profile. One can assess their work experiences and skills after undergoing the RPL assessment.