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What is RPL Review Service?

RPL review service is the process of studying and evaluating the RPL report prepared by applicants for ACS skills assessment. In this service, ICT professionals get detailed feedback on their report.

The purpose of the RPL review is to:

  • Find grammatical and technical errors.
  • Detect any plagiarised or AI-generated content.
  • Figure out if there is insufficient or too much technical content.

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RPL Review: Things To Consider

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Specifics of our RPL Review service

Adherence to ACS Guidelines

Our proofreaders adhere to ACS guidelines when reviewing RPL. They inspect if the RPL written by the applicant covers ethical standards, and proper representation of skills/knowledge.

Check the Use of Appropriate Categories and Topics in Section 1

We check for proper explanation in two key areas of Section 1:

  1. Professionalism in ICT:
    • Check for adequate explanations of your understanding of professionalism in ICT.
    • Examine how you acquired your knowledge in this area.
  2. Core ICT Knowledge:
    • Verify the identification of two specific categories of core ICT knowledge.
    • For each category, we assess your knowledge of two specific topics within that area.

In simpler terms, we assess both your understanding of what it means to be a professional in the ICT field and your depth of knowledge in key areas of ICT itself.

Find Flaws in the Explanation of Reports in Section 2

As a RPL review service provider, we have noticed that the majority of mistakes in RPL reports are made in section 2. Thus, we pay closer attention to specific parts of writing where errors and inconsistencies are mostly made. We also ensure your selected study factors and diagrams are clearly defined and supported by evidence.

Spot Plagiarism in Report

Plagiarism is the primary reason for getting the RPL assessed as "UNSUITABLE". To prevent this, we use some latest software to see if there is any plagiarised content in the report. Detection of AI-generated content is our latest addition to our RPL review service.

Complete RPL Report Rewriting

If your RPL is not up to the mark, we suggest rewriting it. We offer RPL report writing services as well. This rewritten report will contain all the Documents for ACS Skill Assessment. It also meets every guideline along with improved content, clarity, structure, relevance, presentation and language.

How do we conduct RPL Review? Step-by-Step Process

Here are the steps involved in our RPL review service:

  • Acquire RPL report written by the applicant.
  • Run plagiarism and AI tests.
  • Thoroughly study the provided report and find out the errors.
  • Provide comments on the part of the report which needs to be changed.
  • After revisions, a final document is provided to you.

If needed, you can request details from the reviewer who reviewed your report.

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Review by Pelden Chodon:

I opted for your RPL Review Service because I knew there were lots of inconsistencies with my RPL report. Because of the great review I got for things I needed to revise, my IT skills got validated and also earned me ACS recognition. Highly recommend it for any IT pro seeking to match their experience with a competent RPL report!

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Pricing of RPL Review Services

We provide RPL review services based on the desired review service, urgency level and your budget. At present, we are offering 3 packages: 15 Days, 10 Days, and 7 Days.

Find a suitable RPL review package and pricing. Contact us for your next step.

RPL Review 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
RPL Editing and Proofreading $199 $299 $379
RPL Proofreading $99 $149 $199
Complete RPL Report Rewriting $499 $699 $849
RPL Plagiarism Checker & Removal $149 $249 $299
RPL Plagiarism Check $79

Frequently Asked Questions

Our RPL reviewers have advanced degrees in relevant ICT fields. They have undergone numerous assessment-related training and hence are well-versed in guidelines set by ACS. Most importantly, they have reviewed numerous RPL reports and helped numerous candidates get their RPL positively assessed.

Yes! We offer our RPL review service to applicants from all over the world.

Yes, certainly!

Upon your request, we can provide you with samples of reviewed RPL reports.

For urgent RPL review requests, our proofreaders ensure to speed up the review process and give you prompt service.