Professional NER Expanded CV Writing Service in Australia

What is the first step to become an NER registered engineer? A precise Expanded CV writing for NER that allows you to showcase your potential!

However, following Engineers Australia's guidelines can be challenging. So, our professional NER Expanded CV writing services are here to help.

Note: The expanded CV was formerly known as NER Work Experience Statement.

  • Compelling Competency
  • Chronological order
  • Highlight Achievements
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What is NER Expanded CV Writing?

NER Expanded CV writing is about creating a detailed CV for the National Engineering Register application. It outlines the professional experience and technical competence in your engineering field.

To be precise, the expanded CV describes an engineer's work history, job responsibilities, and key achievements. It is one of the documents required for National Engineers Register.

NER Expanded CV Writing: Things to consider

Hesitation will delay your progress. Get a precise NER Expanded CV from us at CDR Writer Australia.

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Our NER Expanded CV Writing Format

Personal Details

Here, we include:

  • Your name
  • EA ID
  • Mailing Address, and
  • Contact details

Education and Qualification

We include the names of your engineering degree, diplomas, and relevant certifications.

Career Overview

We briefly summarise your engineering profession background, skills, roles, and accomplishments.

Employment History

We break down your employment history in chronological order. Here, we include key responsibilities and project experience that align with NER competencies.

The Specifics of Our NER Expanded CV Writing Service

Adherence to EA’s NER guidelines

Our writing experts abide by EA's Expanded CV Writing guidelines and standards. Hence, the content in the work statement always meets all the specified requirements.

Chronological Order

We ensure the work experience statement is always written in chronological order. Our writers present your experiences from most recent to the earliest.

Include SBO in the writing

While describing your essential accomplishments, our writers precisely mention your situation, behaviour, and outcome (SBO). Also, we highlight the way you used your specialist skills or knowledge to bring the desired result.

Professional Referee Details / Statutory Declaration

For referee details, we include their prenominal (Eg: Er.), name, surname, organisation, position/title, professional relationship, and contact details. If you cannot provide referee details, we can also write a proper Statutory Declaration instead of a referee statement.

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Review by Ismail Musa:

Expressing vital details from my Expanded CV presented challenges for me. Making these details clear and ensuring technical accuracy was a struggle. Thankfully, CDR Writer Australia’s NER service tactfully dealt with these issues and improved my CV. And finally, I got listed in NER.

| 5/5 Rating

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Pricing of NER Expanded CV Writing

We provide Expanded CV Writing service for the NER Registration based on your urgency level and budget. At present, we are offering 3 packages: 15 Days, 10 Days, and 7 Days Package.

Select the best one for you. And, contact us for your next step.

NER Services 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
NER Expanded CV Writing and CPD $649 $819 $1029
NER Expanded CV Writing $329 $429 $549

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! It can be tricky.

Precise Expanded CV Writing is one of the Common Challenges in NER Applications. However, our expert writers ensure they overcome these challenges and produce the best work for you.

There is no strict limitation on the word count. But, the overall writing should cover your relevant engineering experiences in detail.

Even if you have limited experience, our writing service can help you. We can present your skills from a limited number of projects to strengthen your statement.


We customise the Expanded CV as per your engineering discipline. Contact us for further details.