CDR Stage 2 Review Service

Get expert eyes to critique your Stage 2 report.

We provide clear, "how to improve" actionable ways to elevate your document. Implement our suggestions, polish your document, and confidently claim your “Chartered Engineer” status.

  • Detail-oriented service
  • In-depth analysis of content
  • Software for plagiarism and AI
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What is CDR Stage 2 Review?

The CDR Stage 2 Review is a specialised service. This review is driven to identify compliance, correctness, and completeness of Stage 2 documents.

With a professional review service, you get feedback on document structure, and evidence of competency claims. You can use this feedback to better describe your engineering activities and problems faced, and show capability to be a chartered engineer to EA in your Stage 2 CDR.

Stage 2 Review: Things to consider

Your ‘CHARTERED’ Dream is just One Review Away

Find the problematic issues in your Stage 2 documents with our review service! We are all about genuine, professional, and improvement-focused feedback!

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Our Stage 2 Review Service Specifics

At CDR Writer Australia, our Stage 2 review services are designed to refine all 4 documents required for Stage 2 CDR.

When reviewing them, we adhere to the following aspects:

Complete Analysis of Clarity

To ensure your documents hold clarity, our reviewers note the use of excessive acronyms and explanation of technical terms. In addition, we also check the presence of jargon words and hypothetical sentences.

Figure out the use of the narrative style of writing

We check for a narrative writing style, i.e., writing in the first person. Assessors do not prefer a bullet list of your work. It is because assessors look for explanations on how you did your work, not just a list of things you have done.

Checking the ‘Independency’ demonstration

Our reviewers check if you have provided hard evidence of your calibre to practise engineering independently and unsupervised. We also check if you have showcased leadership and management qualities which are required to become chartered engineers in Australia.

Detect the presence of assessment principle

Our reviewing team checks if your Competency Claims have covered the following 4 principle units:

  • Authentic/ValidPersonal commitment
  • Obligation to community
  • Value in the workplace
  • Technical Proficiency

If not, we recommend Competency Claims Rewriting


Review by Subin Antony:

Your CDR Stage 2 review service was a lifesaver! I rewrote most parts of my report as suggested in the feedback, and it helped me nail the EA assessment and land my Chartered Engineer status. Feeling eternally grateful. You earned a happy client!

| 5/5 Rating

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CDR Review 15 Days Plan (AUD) 10 Days Plan (AUD) 7 Days Plan (AUD)
CDR Proofreading $119 $149 $189
CDR Plagiarism Check and Removal
*Depending upon plag %
$120 $199 $219
Project plag Check & Removal
*Depending upon plag %
$119 $199 $249
Stage 2 CDR Review: Editing & Proofreading $199 $269 $329

Frequently Asked Questions

You may face Stage 2 CDR Rejection because of the following reasons:

  • Failure to adhere to guidelines
  • Inadequate demonstration of competencies
  • Plagiarism or use of AI-generated content
  • Poor language or presentation

When you opt for CDR Stage 2 review services from professionals, you can relish the following advantages:

  • They act like EA assessors and provide details of how you have breached Engineers Australia guidance.
  • They offer helpful feedback on your Stage 2 report and tips to improve the quality.
  • Professional review saves you time and effort.
  • By implementing their suggestions, you can increase the chances of a successful stage 2 competency assessment.

It takes us 7 days (minimum) to 15 days (maximum) to give feedback on your report. The time taken depends on:

  • How complicated your writing is
  • Your engineering domain
  • The time period of CDR review service you select

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