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Having doubts about your self-written CDR report? Not confident to send it for EA assessment?

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We provide a genuine and detailed CDR Review Service on your self-written CDR. Receive professional and accurate feedback on the flaws, uniqueness, and areas for improvement in your report for positive MSA assessment.

  • Comprehensive and Concise Analysis
  • Critical Proofreads and Reviews
  • Turnitin Software for Plagiarism
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What is CDR Review?

CDR review is a comprehensive examination of a CDR. It is performed by experienced and professional CDR writers/reviewers. It involves thoroughly studying the report, checking alignment with Engineers Australia guidelines, content organisation and report effectiveness. Engineers who have written their CDR report but want professional refinement need CDR review service. These services reduce confusion and boost confidence. Most importantly, professional review service helps applicants craft an impressive CDR that successfully demonstrates their competency to assessors.

CDR Review: Things to Consider

Bye Rejection, Hello EA Approval

Overcome your fear of rejection with our perfect CDR review service. Trust us! Take a leap of faith, and you will get the most genuine feedback ever!

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Our CDR Review Service Specifics: How we review your CDR?

Wondering “how would you review my CDR?” We point out the mistakes, and areas/sentences requiring improvements across your report.

Please find a detailed explanation of our CDR report review process below.

Adherence to Engineers Australia Guidelines

When starting a review, we act as strict Engineers Australia assessors. As assessors, we examine the following aspects:

CDR Format and Presentation

Our writers prioritise checking the report's adherence to EA guidelines in regard to format and presentation. They check the logical organisation of CPD, Career Episodes, and Summary Statement writing.

Language and Writing Style

We equally emphasise the content quality, mostly determined by the writing style. Our experts check if the CDR is fully written in Australian English and clearly explains achievements and experiences.

Eagle’s Eye for Inconsistencies and Errors

While offering our CDR report review help, we activate our eagle's eye and detect any sort of errors. Our experts look for the following:

Grammatical Errors

Finding out the slightest grammatical or typo errors is the foundation of our review service. Here, we identify errors in tense, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and written clarity.

Technical Accuracy

Our experts also examine the technical details and their relevance to the EA standard. Also, we detect if the CDR showcases a broad range of engineering skills and competencies.

Meeting the Word Count

We thoroughly check if each section of the report has a word count that falls in the EA's standard word count range.

Plagiarism Check

We utilise the same plagiarism detection software used by Engineers Australia themselves to check your report’s originality and proper citations.

Honest Review, No Fabrication

Honesty and transparency are the core values of CDR Writer Australia. We ensure our clients experience these values through our honest feedback. With our CDR review feedback report, you will know “What’s lacking in your writing”. Moreover, our honest CDR review service will further guide you in writing rejection-immune CDR.

Rewrite Career Episodes (when necessary)

After we carefully proofread the CDR report numerous times, we find most errors in career episodes of CDR.

A career episode writing that lacks clarity takes the route to undesired MSA assessment, leaving most aspiring engineers confused and disheartened. Hence, our clients who want their career episodes to be rewritten rely on us to write polished career episodes.

Review by Pemba Lama:

I was having so many doubts before submitting my CDR. And I was right, as I was able to correct and refine my report from the constructive and insightful feedback provided from the report review. Thanks to them, my CDR report was approved by EA on the first attempt.

| 5/5 Rating

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Pricing of CDR Review

CDR Review 15 Days Plan (AUD) 10 Days Plan (AUD) 7 Days Plan (AUD)
CDR Review: Editing & Proofreading $299 $449 $599
CDR Proofreading $119 $149 $189
CDR Plagiarism Check and Removal
*Depending upon plag %
$120 $199 $219
Project plag Check & Removal
*Depending upon plag %
$119 $199 $249
Stage 2 CDR Review: Editing & Proofreading $199 $269 $329

Frequently Asked Questions

A CDR report can get rejected because of the following reasons:

  • Non-compliance with Engineers Australia guidelines
  • Lots of inaccuracies and inconsistencies
  • Grammatical or typo or any sort of written errors
  • Failure to effectively demonstrate competencies

Having your CDR reviewed by expert writers is beneficial because:

  • They ensure compliance with Engineers Australia guidelines.
  • They identify and rectify errors and plagiarism.
  • They can provide suggestions that can enhance clarity in overall content.
  • They can provide valuable feedback which can significantly improve the chances of a successful skill assessment.

At CDR Writer Australia, we include the following criteria to evaluate CDR reports:

  • Content's adherence to Engineers Australia guidelines
  • Authenticity of the content
  • Consistency in the format of career episodes
  • Effective demonstration of competencies

The feedback on your self-written report depends on the complexity of your document, your engineering domain, and the service you choose.

We offer the following CDR report review services:

  • Editing & proofreading
  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism check and removal
  • Project check and removal

It takes us a minimum of 7 days to provide you with feedback. Contact us for your specific CDR review requests.

No, our writers do not rewrite your report when offering CDR review services. However, if you have gotten feedback from EA or even faced CDR rejection, you can opt for our CDR report writing services where we expertly craft a high-quality report for you, ensuring a 99.9% success rate in positive assessments.