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What exactly is a Career Episode?

The career episode is the most critical element of the CDR report. It demonstrates your engineering ability, knowledge, and capability, in addition to your business experience. Engineers Australia evaluates your abilities over the course of your career to determine if you qualify for a skill migration visa. Engineers Australia requests three professional examples demonstrating the applicant's capabilities. You must choose three distinct projects for each of the three career episodes. You must choose the best projects and then develop them to showcase your engineering expertise. Engineers Australia (EA) requires you to include a Career Episode in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to demonstrate that your engineering abilities and knowledge satisfy Australian standards. Engineers seeking to immigrate to Australia must apply under one of the four occupational categories established by the EA for Skilled Migration:

  1. Professional Engineers

  2. Engineering Technologists

  3. Engineering Associates

  4. Engineering Managers

How to select topics while Writing Career Episode

When selecting topics for the career episodes we need to select 3 different scenarios where you have worked on. The project selected can be from

  1. Your Academics (final year projects/ internal thesis)
  2. Internship that you have undertaken
  3. Work experience project (projects that you have handled during the work period)
  4. Workshop attended

The combination of the above 3 can be done any way depending upon the candidate’s profile.

Career episode format and structures

Career episode should be written in the format provided by Engineers Australia which includes:

1.Introduction of about 100 words

What you include in your career episode is critical to a successful CDR report. Your career episode's introduction must have at least 150 words, including aspects such as:

  1. The time frame of the project
  2. Location of the project
  3. Name of the business for which you worked for

2.Background of approximately 200-500 words

Approximately 200-500 words are required for this section of your Career episode. It includes information on the projects you've completed or are currently working on, such as:

  1. Project's general characteristics
  2. The project's primary goals that you worked on
  3. Structure of the job area in which you're now employed
  4. On-the-job details of your obligations

3.Engineering Activity you intend to explain in 500-1000 words

You must include 600-1500 words in this section, which is the core of the Career episode. It mainly explains the engineering activities that have been carried out. Some of them are explained further

  1. Information about the types of jobs assigned and the methods used to resolve them
  2. How did you use your technical knowledge and talents to help others?
  3. How you dealt with technical challenges and problems;
  4. How you shared your project plans and innovative design work.
  5. Your group's work and cooperation with the team

4.Summary of approximately 50-100 words

All the career episodes should be written in the first person where they should mainly focus on activities done by you. A career episode can be an individual project or the group project.

Things to keep in mind while Career Episode writing

Still confused about how to get started with writing the Career Episode, keep with things in mind when starting with the writing process:

Ensure that career episode is
within the word limit
of 1000-2500

Focus on your Engineering
work done during
the project

Avoid Unnecessary Technical
Content in the career

Keep Your Explanation on
point while explaning

Make Sure your Report gets Accepted by the EA

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