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CDR for Engineers Australia: A Complete Guide

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Publish date: 2024/5/13


If you're an engineer eagerly seeking to move to Australia, then you might have heard about the "Competency Demonstration Report" or CDR.

But what is a CDR report?

How crucial is CDR for skilled migration assessment to Australia?

In this blog, we provide you with detailed answers to these questions. Let’s dive in!

What is the CDR Report for Engineers Australia?

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document submitted to Engineers Australia (EA) by international engineers for skill assessment.

CDR contains a detailed account of an engineer's competency and experience. Moreover, CDR shows that an engineer's skills and knowledge meet Australian standards.

Who needs CDR report for Engineers Australia?

What are the Advantages of CDR?

  • CDR helps engineers in obtaining skilled migration visas to Australia.
  • A CDR report assures employers about engineers' competence. Thus, CDR makes ‘engineer recruiting’ easier in Australia.
  • CDR also contributes to bringing workforce diversity to Australia.

Find the detailed explanation of CDR advantages in Benefits of CDR.

What are the Components of CDR?

The components of CDR / CDR format includes CPD, three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement.

CDR Section Description
CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • In this section, you demonstrate your co-curricular activities (CCA) during/after earning an engineering qualification.
  • For CPD writing, you must keep your co-curricular activities in chronological order.
Career Episodes
  • You have to provide 3 different career episodes.
  • These episodes highlight your engineering work experience.
  • The career episode is the most descriptive section of the CDR. Thus, it has a specific Career Episode writing format.

You can contact us for Career Episode Samples.

Summary Statement
  • The summary statement addresses how and where you addressed each competency element in your career episodes.
  • You need only one summary statement writing for all 3 career episodes.
  • Summary statements are different for different EA occupational categories.
  • There are high chances of making mistakes in this section. To avoid them, you must know:
    1. How to write summary statement for a professional engineer?
    2. How to write summary statement for engineering technologist?
    3. How to write summary statement for engineering associate?

Note: The components of CDR are the same for all the occupational categories in Engineers Australia. However, the requirements vary for each occupational category.

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After understanding the CDR format, you can start preparing your CDR report.

How to prepare a CDR report for Engineers Australia?

There are 2 ways.

If you are considering writing CDR by yourself, you first need to study Engineers Australia’s Guidelines for CDR and CDR Misconceptions. After that, you can start organising the information needed for your report.

Once your report is completed, you can edit and proofread your CDR. Here, make sure your report has no single CDR writing mistakes.

The total time required to write a CDR for you depends on your circumstances and dedication.

For your ease, Read:

If you do not have time or want professionals to write your CDR report, you can hire CDR report writing services.

However, you must cross check their authenticity, success rates, and reviews.

Here are 10 Tips for Choosing the Right CDR Expert.

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Read our article on ‘Should I hire an expert or write my own CDR?’ if you are confused about which way is better.

After preparing your CDR, you can submit your application through your EA portal where your report will be evaluated.

How is CDR for Engineers Australia evaluated?

Once your application is received, it is assigned to an assessor. Now, your Stage 1 Competency Assessment begins.

To evaluate your CDR, the assigned assessor uses various tools and software to check how well you have demonstrated your competency.

What are the Softwares Used to evaluate CDR by EA?

EA assessors seek genuine technical writing in your CDR. EA assessors use the following tools and software to check the authenticity and quality of your CDR.

  • Turnitin EA assessors do not entertain academic dishonesty. Hence, they use Turnitin to detect Plagiarism and AI generated reports.
  • Plagscan: In addition to Turnitin, EA also uses Plagscan to detect copied or unoriginal text in your report.
  • Grammarly CDR assessors use Grammarly to check your English proficiency and any grammar or spelling errors.
  • ProQuest EA assessors use ProQuest to check the authenticity of CPD activities (mainly published journals and articles) claimed by applicants.


  • EA uses different tools and software based on the applicant's engineering field and the specific content in their report.
  • To know the assessment process in detail, read “How is CDR Skill Assessment done by Engineers Australia’s Assessors?

What can be the possible results of CDR report evaluation?

After assessing your documents, the results will be provided to you via mail. There are four possible outcomes for your CDR assessment

1. Positive Result

If you demonstrate your competency for the chosen engineering occupational category, your CDR will be accepted.

2. Feedback / Comments

If your assessor can not give you either positive or negative assessment results, they provide comments.

These comments are mostly about addressing a competency element in detail or providing related documents.

3. Negative Evaluation

If the assessor finds issues in your CDR, your application will be rejected.

Check out: 20 Reasons for CDR Rejected by Engineers Australia.

4. Getting Banned

If the assessor finds any trace of copied content or plagiarism in your CDR, your application will be rejected, and you will be banned from reapplying for 12, 24, or 36 months.

If you want to avoid a negative CDR assessment or be banned from EA, you must prepare an error-free CDR.

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Key Takeaways

  • CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document international engineers submit to EA for skills assessment.
  • Engineers who want to migrate to Australia, who have non-accredited engineering qualifications, or who want to apply for certain Australian visas need to submit a CDR report.
  • CDR is beneficial for engineers, recruiting companies, and Australia.
  • The components of CDR are: CPD (Continuing Professional Development), Career episodes, and Summary Statement.
  • There are two ways to prepare a CDR report: (1) You can write it yourself and (2) You can hire a professional CDR writing service.
  • An assigned EA assessor will check engineering competency in your CDR. The assessor uses various tools for the assessment.
  • There are four possible outcomes for CDR report evaluation: (1) Positive assessment (CDR is accepted), (2) Feedback/comments (assessor requests for further changes/information), (3) Negative assessment (CDR is rejected), or (4) Getting banned (plagiarism or fake documents found).
  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Only engineers from countries providing non-accredited engineering qualifications need to submit CDR report.

    EA has zero tolerance for plagiarism when it comes to CDR. They reject the application right away if they find any trace of plagiarism.

    Thus, it's essential to make sure that your CDR is original i.e not copied from others and plagiarism-free.

    To make your CDR for Engineer Australia top-notch, you can get your CDR reviewed by your peers or seniors.

    However, professional CDR Review Service is recommended.


    After Stage 1 CDR assessment, there's Stage 2 Competency Assessment.

    EA’s Stage 2 assessment is a skills assessment for chartered credentials.

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