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Seeking CPD writing service that documents your engineering activities? We are here for you.

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What is EA CPD Writing?

EA CPD writing is creating a record of your ongoing learning and development activities as an engineer, even after completing your degree. It records your skills, knowledge, and experience obtained formally and informally.

A well-written Continuing Professional Development for Stage 1 Competency Assessment demonstrates your devotion to learning and staying updated in your engineering field. It is crucial for positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia and getting your EA membership.

CPD Writing: Things To Consider

Best EA CPD Report Writing Service for CDR Assessment

Choose CDR Writer Australia's professional CPD writing service to demonstrate how you are professionally active in your engineering field. Elevate the quality of your CDR report.

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Our EA CPD writing service

Our EA CPD writing service reflects your involvement in different CPD types and conditions.

Our CPD Writing Format

We put your CPD activities in the standard Engineers Australia CPD format. This format includes:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Duration
  • Venue
  • Organiser

Specifics of Our CPD Writing for Engineers Australia

Compliance with EA guidelines

Our CPD writing service strictly follows Engineers Australia CPD requirements.

Coverage of all CPD activity types

We cover all the different types of CPD activities you have completed.

Consecutive arrangement of activities

We arrange your CPD activities chronologically to make it easy for assessors to understand.

Portrayal as ‘updated’ in your field

We strategically portray you as a passionate engineer who is constantly upgrading engineering knowledge and skills.

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Pricing of EA CPD Writing Service for CDR Assessment

CPD Writing Service 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
CPD Writing for Stage 1 Assessment $59 $69 $79

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are two major types of CPD. They are:

  • Training-based CPD: This type of professional activity is formal and linear.
  • Development-based CPD: This type of profession-related activity is informal and extensive.

For detailed information, check our blog on EA CPD types and conditions.

A CPD must not be more than one A4 page as per the MSA Booklet.

Yes, our CPD writing service is available for any engineering domain. Eg: civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.

For effective Continuing Professional Development writing, you must send us the following details:

  • Nature of each activity (workshop, course, etc.)
  • Dates when you started and completed the activities
  • Location of the activity
  • Information about the program organisers or providers
  • Brief description of each CPD activity

We offer writing CPD separately as well as in a package. However, most of the time, engineers prefer CPD writing service with a complete CDR report writing service.

Our service is budget-friendly. Check out: Pricing.

Yes, but the international activities should align with Engineers Australia CPD requirements.