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What is KA02 Report Writing?

KA02 Report writing is a technical report which demonstrates engineering knowledge equivalent to qualification from the Washington Accord.

KA02 writing must:

  • Focus on 3-4 engineering projects that showcase diverse and growing skills.
  • Explain how you applied technical knowledge and solved problems in each project.
  • Highlight your individual contributions and impact.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development.

The KA02 report is assessed by Engineering New Zealand, the engineering authority in New Zealand (formerly known as IPENZ).

An engineer must obtain a positive KA02 knowledge assessment from ENZ to migrate to New Zealand with a skilled visa.

Additional Facts:

  • Submitting a high-quality report the first time is encouraged by ENZ.
  • ENZ does not typically re-assess KA02 reports.
  • Resubmitting the report requires significant revisions and a new application fee. And, success is not guaranteed.

KA02 Report Writing: Things To Consider

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Our KA02 Report Format

Our KA02 report format includes:

1. Summary statement form

The summary statement form explains how an applicant's studies and work experience meet the requirements for Washington Accord equivalence.

Here, we demonstrate your knowledge profile in eight elements/areas. These knowledge elements in are:

Element 1

Understanding of systematic and theory-based natural sciences applicable to your discipline.

Element 2

Understanding of conceptually-based mathematics, numerical analysis, statistics and computer science skills to support analysis and build models applicable in your discipline.

Element 3

Capable of formulating a systematic and theory-based engineering fundamentals required in your discipline.

Element 4

Having engineering specialist knowledge of your discipline, including theoretical frameworks and practical methods.

Element 5

Having knowledge that supports engineering design.

Element 6

Having knowledge that supports engineering design.

Element 7

Capable of:

  • Understanding the role of engineering in society
  • Identifying issues in engineering practice in your discipline
  • Understanding ethics and the professional responsibility of an engineer to public safety
  • Understanding the impacts of engineering activity: economic, social, cultural, environmental and sustainability.

Element 8

Engaging with research literature of your discipline.

Our writers understand the context and performance indicators for each element. So, we make it easier for assessors to find evidence for each knowledge element by linking them to specific paragraph numbers of the work/study episode.

2. Evidence of application of knowledge

3-4 engineering samples/projects are required from your Work/Study Episodes to demonstrate your application of knowledge.

Here, we describe:

  • overview of the project
  • background of the project
  • objectives of the project
  • your roles and responsibilities
  • complexities and challenges of the project
  • how the project demonstrates application of your engineering knowledge

3. Self assessment form

This form is all about explaining how you believe you have met the standard for Washington Accord equivalence.

When writing a self assessment, our writers ensure to explain 'your point of view' on meeting the criteria. We aim for 500 words per element.

4. Work history summary / CV

It is a list of your employment history. It highlights your key responsibilities, activities undertaken, and major achievement projects.

We list from your most recent job up to your first job.

5. CPD activities summary

It is a record of all relevant CPD activities.

For Example: tertiary course, formal study, short course, technical lectures, seminar, conference, workshop, research, discussion group, non-routine technical meeting, self-learning, voluntary service roles, etc.

Here, we show how your CPD activities helped you reach the high standards equivalent of the Washington Accord. Here, we include:

  • Date of activity
  • CPD area (where we specify: technical, professionalism, business/leadership, professional engineering engagement, and health and safety)
  • CPD topic
  • CPD provider
  • Activity type
  • Learning outcomes
  • Total hours

The Specifics of Our KAO2 Report Writing Services

Adherence to Engineering New Zealand's guidelines

The KAO2 report must follow Engineering New Zealand's KA02 assessment guidelines. We understand the expectations of ENZ assessors and make the report clear, precise, formal, original and error free.

Showcase your project in the best light

Since the KA02 report is your chance to stand out as an engineer, conveying how your abilities have grown is crucial.

Hence, we do not just list projects - but tell a story that highlights your skills and impact. We use action verbs and real results to show your technical knowledge and problem solving skills.

Right writer for the right project

At CDR Writer Australia, we have seasoned and proficient KA02 report writers from every engineering domain. All of these writers have a track record of successful outcomes.

Strategic writing and planning

Strategic writing and planning is a must for creating a successful report for KA02 knowledge assessment. Our writers ensure to write each section of the report strategically. This approach enhances the readability and hence impresses the assessors.

Review by Chameli Nani:

I was facing a lot of challenges in organising my report effectively and highlighting essential points. Getting KAO2 report writing service was the right choice for me. The experts sorted out these issues and improved my report. I got my positive assessment, and I am glad I opted for CDR Writer Australia.

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Pricing of KA02 Report Writing

Choose the KA02 writing service that fits your needs, budget and time limit. We have 8 services with different package plans. Select a suitable one and let's start your report.

KA02 Services 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
Complete KA02 Report $749 $949 $1099
Study/Work Episode Writing (each) $199 $299 $349
Summary Statement Form Writing $179 $249 $299

We also provide KA02 review services for self-written reports.

KA02 Review 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
KA02 Editing & Proofreading $199 $349 $399
KA02 Proofreading $99 $149 $199
Complete KA02 Report Rewriting $649 $849 $999
KA02 Plagiarism Check and Removal $149 $229 $329
KA02 Plagiarism Check $79

Frequently Asked Questions

Under our KA02 writing service, we offer:

  • Complete KA02 Report
  • Study/Work Episode Writing
  • Knowledge Matrix Writing
  • KA02 Report Reviewing
  • KA02 Report Editing & Proofreading
  • Complete KA02 Report Rewriting
  • KA02 Report Plagiarism Check
  • Resume Writing

Yes, we ask for their involvement by providing us with feedback.

  • In the case of KA02 report writing, we provide the final draft to the clients. If the client is not happy, then we take feedback and make revisions.
  • In the case of the KA02 report rewriting, we get details from the client first and start making a better version of the report.

Yes. We have a 100% positive record from Engineering New Zealand. To get the KA02 report writing service, contact us.

The details: engineering project name, dates, your role, and how you applied your engineering skills, etc. which we discuss before writing your CDR are enough for us.

Our refund policy for KA02 report writing services depends on what sort of case you have with us. After figuring out the nature of the case and verifying your claim, we go for the refund. For further details, feel free to contact our KA02 agents.

You can resubmit your application. But, it means significant changes and another fee, with no guarantee of success.

Both KA01 and KA02 reports are needed to assess the competency of an engineer who wishes to migrate to New Zealand. However, the main difference between them is:

KA01 report KA02 report
It is prepared by candidates whose colleges are from the Washington Accord or any university in New Zealand. It is prepared by candidates with qualifications other than the Washington Accord.