Effective Stage 2 CDR Writing Service for Chartered Engineering Status

Get our stage 2 CDR Writing service to guarantee the “Chartered Engineer of Australia” title. Our service guarantees success and opportunities to lead engineering projects independently as a Chartered Engineer.

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What is Stage 2 CDR Writing?

Stage 2 CDR Writing is about preparing the required documents to earn Australia's most prestigious engineering status. Stage 2 CDR writing is for those engineers who:

  • Have completed Stage 1 Competency Assessment
  • Have gained good engineering experience in Australia
  • Want to take their engineering career to the next level

A Stage 2 CDR is needed to:

  • Become a Chartered Engineer in Australia
  • Lead engineering projects independently
  • Unlock new career opportunities

Stage 2 CDR Writing: Things to Consider

Are you ready to acquire the Chartered Credential and unlock doors of opportunities in the Australian engineering industry?

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Our Stage 2 CDR Writing Service

At CDR Writer Australia, our stage 2 CDR writing service is intentionally configured to make your competency stand out and bring you the "Chartered" credential from Engineers Australia.

Our engineering writers, who themselves are practicing engineering in Australia, also prepare:

Documents for Stage 2 CDR

1. Engineering Competency Claim (ECC)

ECC presents a complete explanation of personal engineering involvement in technical projects. The number of ECCs varies between 11 to 16 depending upon the selected pathway to be chartered. And, we describe your actions and decisions to provide evidence of your competence in each element.

Following are the 4 groups and 16 elements of ECC:


  • Deal with ethical issues
  • Practice competently
  • Responsibility for engineering activities


  • Develop safe and sustainable solutions
  • Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders
  • Identify, assess, and manage risks
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements


  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Taking action
  • Judgment


  • Knowledge of technology
  • Local knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Advanced operation
  • Evaluation


2. Engineering Experience Record (EER) writing

The EER section is a grand narrative of your engineering job and roles across 700 words. In this section, we provide in-depth background knowledge of your experience.

3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) writing

A CPD writing includes records of what you have done to expand your knowledge, maintain your technical skills, and progress your engineering career. To help you get the Chartered credential, our writers put a strong effort into demonstrating your 150 hours of professional development activities in the past 3 years.

4. Updated Resume writing

Preparing an updated and well-put CV is another service under our stage 2 CDR writing service. Our writers use EA accepted curriculum vitae format. We portray you as an active, committed and capable individual in your engineering domain.

Why Choose OUR Stage 2 CDR Writing Service?

Adherence to EA's guidelines and format

We are well-versed in EA's guidelines, format, and requirements for Stage 2 competency assessment. Hence, they write each section by aligning with EA's specific standard.

Align with each occupation category requirements

We first understand which occupational engineering category you desire or deserve an assessment. Then, we look into your documents, experiences and project involvements.

Cover all/required competency elements

We address elements that align with your engineering domain’s experience and practice. With all the information in hand, our writers showcase your stage 2 competency demonstration.

Professional writing for all documents

We offer preparation of all documents (CPD and CV).

Review by Muhammed Yaseen:

After taking on the service provided by your team, the professionalism and expertise quickly won me over. The attention to detail was impressive. Thanks to you, my Stage 2 CDR preparation was stress-free, and now I am a Chartered Member of EA. I will gladly recommend your service to any engineer.

| 5/5 Rating

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Pricing of Stage 2 CDR Writing

Chartered Engineer Stage 2 15 Days Plan (AUD) 10 Days Plan (AUD) 7 Days Plan (AUD)
Stage 2 CDR Writing $1449 $1999 $2499
Stage 2 Competency Claims Writing $119 $149 $189

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, writing a CDR for Stage 2 is tougher than Stage 1 CDR report.

Here are the reasons:

  • Assessment criteria for Stage 2 are more stringent than Stage 1.
  • Stage 2 assesses an engineer's ability to practice engineering independently and unsupervised.
  • Stage 1 competency assessment includes a review of the engineer's academic qualifications, work experience, and a professional interview, whereas Stage 2 competency assessment includes a written report, professional interview, and oral presentation.

We provide stage 2 CDR writing service on the basis of the client's budget and urgency. However, we also provide Stage 2 CDR review service.

For details, check our pricing.