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What are Stage 2 Competency Claims?

Stage 2 Competency Claims, also referred as Engineering Competency Claim (ECC) is a crucial written statement for Stage 2 Competency Assessment.

The competency claims are the foundation for Stage 2 Assessment. It is submitted to Engineers Australia to demonstrate engineering competencies. It is required for achieving “Chartered Engineer in Australia” status.

There are 4 Stage 2 Competency Claims, which are:

  • Personal Commitment
  • Obligation to the Community
  • Value in the Workplace
  • Technical Proficiency

There are 16 competency elements that are categorised under these competency claims. However, depending upon the pathway to be chartered, the number of elements can vary from 11-16. Here are all the 16 elements:

stage 2 competency claims


  • Deal with ethical issues
  • Practice competently
  • Responsibility for engineering activities


  • Develop safe and sustainable solutions
  • Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders
  • Identify, assess, and manage risks
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements


  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Taking action
  • Judgment


  • Knowledge of technology
  • Local knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Advanced operation
  • Evaluation

And each element of competence serves several indicators of attainment.


Stage 2 Competency Claims Writing: Things to Consider

Understand Competency Standards

Understand the specific elements and indicators of attainment for each competency for your nominated engineering discipline.

Utilise EA Resources

Utilise resources provided by Engineers Australia, such as online guides and webinars.

Writing style

Use a clear, concise, and professional writing style. Write in the first person ("I did this").

Ensure honest claims

Be specific about the outcomes and impact of your work.

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We demonstrate your exceptional engineering competency with precisely written Engineering Competency Claims.

Our Stage 2 Competency Claims Writing Service

At CDR Writer Australia, we prepare stage 2 competency demonstration of your achievements in the best way. We align your professional experience and expertise with chartered standards. With us, you can expect quality work with 100% positive results in Stage 2 Competency Assessment.

Here is our specialised writing approach:

Clearly written evidence in the maximum word limit

Assessors need strong proof of your competence. So, we provide evidence for each element in simple language, within a 700-word limit and without grammatical errors. We ensure clarity by explaining acronyms, stating technical terms, removing irrelevant content and avoiding confusing language.

5 to 6 strong career episodes

We highlight your work experiences with strong career stories. While writing your career episodes, we make the assessors trust in your proficiency, capacity for independent practice, and mentorship skills.

If you are looking for Stage 1 assessment services, check out our Career Episode writing service.

Your work gets the spotlight

Here, we focus on you, not your team. We write about what, why, and how you did an engineering project, using simple and clear language. Our writing experts emphasise describing your engineering experience in relation to specific engineering problems and engineering activities. All in all, we highlight your actions, not the whole project or team.

Tick all boxes of assessment principles

We check if the overall content ticks all the boxes of the assessment principles: Authentic, Valid, Reliable, Current, and Sufficient.

Pricing of Stage 2 Competency Claims Writing Service

Chartered Engineer Stage 2 15 Days Plan (AUD) 10 Days Plan (AUD) 7 Days Plan (AUD)
Stage 2 CDR Writing $1449 $1999 $2499
Stage 2 Competency Claims Writing $119 $149 $189

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we write stage 2 competency claims for all occupational categories. However, the pricing can vary for different categories.

To start the competency claim writing process, you will need to provide the following information and documents:

  • Your Engineers Australia membership number
  • A copy of your Engineering Experience Record (EER)
  • A list of the Competency Elements that you wish to claim
  • Resume
  • Evidence to support your claims, such as Project descriptions, Reports, Presentations, Drawings, Calculations, and Testimonials from supervisors or colleagues

The time to complete Stage 2 competency claims writing depends on your experience and the complexity of your claims. At CDR Writer Australia, we offer our service for 7, 10, and 15 days. You can choose any of these packages.

As per Engineers Australia, an applicant will get feedback on the areas to improve if their competency claims are not accepted. An applicant can revise their claims and resubmit them. However, applicants are allowed to resubmit the claims up to 3 times only.

Here is how we stay informed about Engineers Australia updates:

Official channels:

  • Engineers Australia website: "What's News" & "Publications" section, and subscription to Email alerts
  • myPortal: personalised updates & alerts
  • Social media: follow EA on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Proactive monitoring:

  • Google Alerts for key terms like "Engineers Australia guidelines" and "Engineers Australia assessment criteria"
  • Joining Engineering forums & communities
  • Attending EA CPD events & webinars
  • Contacting EA directly with questions

Additional resources:

  • EA Annual Report
  • EA Knowledge Centre
  • Engineering publications & journals

In Stage 2 Assessment, you will need to make competency claims. They are detailed descriptions of how you meet the specific competencies required for your chosen occupation. These claims should demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and experience in your engineering field.