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What is Stage 2 CPD Writing?

Stage 2 CPD writing is a record of your ongoing learning and contribution in your engineering field(s). It showcases constant professional involvement in your engineering domain(s).

Requirement for Stage 2 CPD:

You need at least 150 hours of CPD activities every three years since completing Stage 1 to be eligible for Stage 2 competency assessment. These activities must cover every CPD Types and Conditions.

Breakdown of CPD hours:

  • 50 hours related to your area of practice (+50 hours of the additional area of practice, if any)
  • 10 hours for risk management
  • 15 hours for business and management skills
  • 75 hours of activities relevant to your career (only 40 hours if you have an additional area of practice)

Fact: You must be an EA member to be eligible for Stage 2 assessment.

Stage 2 CPD Writing: Things To Consider

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Our Stage 2 CPD Writing Service

Our Stage 2 CPD writing service reflects your involvement in different CPD types and conditions.

Our Stage 2 CPD Writing Format

For your Stage 2 EA Competency Assessment, we follow the standard Stage 2 CPD format.

The CPD format includes:

  • Ref
  • Date
  • CPD Type (I to VIII)
  • CPD activity / topic / provider
  • How an activity has extended your knowledge?
  • Risk Management
  • Business & Management
  • Related Area(s) of Practice
  • Hours

Specifics of Our Stage 2 CPD Writing Service

Cover all CPD Types

We include all EA CPD types to portray you as a well-rounded engineer.

Cover the CPD hours

We cover the total CPD hours and break them down as per requirement for Stage 2 Assessment.

Focused on Area(s) of Practice

We cover your area(s) of practice and follow the hours breakdown for multiple areas set by Engineers Australia.

Abide by CPD policy

We strictly follow Engineers Australia’s CPD Policy when writing CPD for the chartered credential.

Review by Shalaka Kumarage:

I needed CPD for EA chartered assessment, but I was clueless about where to begin. So I contacted CDR Writer Australia. The service I received was totally a game changer for my CPD presentation. They made sure the details were clear, professional, and highlighted measurable wins. The feedback I received during the review was very good.

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Pricing of EA Stage 2 CPD Writing Services

Service 15 Days plan (AUD) 10 Days plan (AUD) 7 Days plan (AUD)
CPD Writing for Stage 2 Assessment $109 $139 $169

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this case, we will help you create a CPD record with at least 150 hours of CPD activities every three years.

The difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2 CPD can be shown in the table:

Stage 1 CPD Stage 2 CPD
Hour Requirements You do not need to cover specific CPD hours. You need to cover 150 CPD hours every 3 years.
Format The format includes: title, date, CPD type, duration, venue and organiser. The format includes Date, CPD type, CPD activity/topic/provider, How the activity extended your knowledge?, Risk Management, Business & Management, Related Area of Practice, and Hours.

When you approach us for Chartered CPD services, you have to provide us with the following information:

  • Images/certificates of the CPD activities you have done
  • Your specific areas of practice
  • Hours you have invested for a particular CPD activity
  • Brief description of the CPD activity
  • Date, CPD activity, topic, and CPD provider

After getting the details from you, we first fill in the CPD template. We then upload it on the EA portal.