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Summary Statement for Engineers Australia

The Summary Statement is the final section of your CDR Report that Engineers Australia requires as part of the Migration Skill Assessment process. Although a Summary Statement for Professional Engineers Australia is only one page long, it is a critical component of CDR Writing. It is based on your three careers that are provided to Engineers Australia. Summary statements contain competency elements that you have claimed and indicate how and where you applied and achieved those elements during your career episodes. Our writers are skilled at guiding you in developing compelling career episodes that are based on your professional experience in your native engineering field and ANZSCO Code for Summary Statement Writing. The Summary statement is created using your information about your education and career.

It is prepared in a tabular manner, as defined by Engineers Australia, and includes a list of all competency units and elements, together with a description of how you applied them and the associated paragraph in the career episode. You must use caution when drafting the Summary Statement, ensuring that you include all relevant abilities and knowledge and that they are linked to the appropriate paragraphs in the Career Episodes. You can rely on CDR Writer Australia for crafting the perfect Summary statements and CDR.

Engineers can create CDRs in four categories, depending on their abilities and experience in the engineering industry. Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist are the four categories. Each of the four categories has a unique summary statement template, and you must analyse and cover all of the indications listed in Career Episodes.

Summary Statement Categories

Candidates should consider and should be very careful while selecting the category for the summary statement. The summary word itself implies the precise information that can be abstracted from the Career episode. There are mainly 4 categories while making the summary statement.

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Engineering Associate
  4. Engineering Manager
summary statement engineers australia

CDR Summary Statement Format for Professional Engineer

Professional Engineer Summary Statement

These are the competency Units and Elements. These elements must be addressed in the Summary Statement (see Section C). If you are applying for assessment as a Professional Engineer, you will need to download this page, complete it and lodge it with your application.

summary statement engineers australia
Professional Engineer summary statements Professional Engineer summary statements

Ensure that Engineers Australia approves your report

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Frequently Asked Question

Before writing a summary, it is necessary to attain the brief knowledge on the format and guidelines provided by Engineering Australia. You can also look at our CDR Samples from the past for this. The summary should detail out the information about what knowledge and skill base you possess, in what application you have demonstrated your engineering abilities and what personal traits you uphold to become a professional engineer. The entry to each competency element should be well explained, relevant and comprehend to the career episodes.

The tabulated form of summary statement contains competency units, certain elements, applied methods for the elements and the paragraph number that comprehend the career episodes. One should make sure that the cross-referenced paragraphs mentioned in the CDR summary statement in each career episode are well covered. Inability to direct the assessor to the right paragraphs increases the chance of getting your CDR rejected.

Engineers Australia, also known as the Institution of Engineers Australia or EA, is the professional not-a-profit organisation established for the advancement of the engineering profession in Australia. The major purpose of Engineers Australia is to advance in science and engineering practices for building healthy, secure and sustainable communities. Engineers Australia currently includes more than 26,000 engineers.