ANZSCO codes for Engineers

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ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) is the classification of all the jobs available in Australia and New Zealand. Every occupation has an ANZSCO code in Australia and New Zealand. An ANZSCO code is a six digit code of occupations categorised on the basis of skills. A CDR applicant must check the ANZSCO code of his/her job before submitting the report. Your job’s ANZSCO code is used to nominate you for the required visa. You can get in touch with us at CDR Writer Australia if you want to clear any confusion.

It is required to fill the “Occupational Category” field in your Workplace Profile. You must fill it with the assigned ANZSCO group code of your occupational category. A CDR Report is also prepared according to the ANZSCO Code that an applicant is applying for. To find out your ANZSCO code, you will have to conduct an ANZSCO code search which is available below for your convenience.

Here are some of the guidelines in assigning ANZSCO codes to an employee:

  • Use the roles and responsibilities of the employee as the base. It all boils down to which major group’s function he/she is carrying out instead of job titles. Then, it makes it easier to quantify and compare the data.
  • If the employee holds more than one role, use the main role that he/she undertakes.
  • If the employee’s job responsibilities have changed, use the one that he/she has at the date of filing the paperwork.

You can also find the relevant ANZSCO code information here from the ANZSCO code list below:

Engineering Field ANZSCO Code
Aeronautical Engineer 233911
Agricultural Engineer 233912
Biomedical Engineer 233913
Chemical Engineer 233111
Civil Engineer 233211
Mechanical Engineer 233512
Electrical Engineer 233311
Materials Engineer 233112
Electronics Engineer 233411
Engineering Manager 133211
Environmental Engineer 233915
Geotechnical Engineer 233212
Engineering Professionals (nec) 233999
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson 312311
Engineering Technologist 233914
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 233611
Industrial Engineer 233511
Civil Engineering Draftsperson 312211

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