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ANZSCO Skill Level Classification
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If an Engineer wants to apply for a Australian PR Visa for Skilled Migration, then applying for the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) program is the best choice. The MSA is for those applicants who need Skills Assessment as part of their skilled migration visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.
The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the authorized assessing authority that conducts skill assessments for skilled migration. Their role is to check if the skills and experience an applicant has is at enough level to work in Australia in their nominated occupation.
If an applicant gets a successful MSA outcome, then it can only be used for the visa application to Home Affairs for migration purposes. The MSA is required for those engineers that do not possess Australian qualifications or qualifications from countries that are signatories of the Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, or Dublin Accord. Those applicants that fall in this category have to go through the CDR pathway.
CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a document that shows your knowledge and skills as an engineer.

Five Migration Skills Assessment application pathways

The migration pathway is further categorized into two sections. Accredited qualification and Non-accredited qualifications.

Accredited qualifications:

  1. Australian Qualifications.
  2. Washington Accord Qualifications.
  3. Sydney Accord Qualifications.
  4. Dublin Accord Qualifications.

Non-Accredited qualifications:

  1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).
Pathway for Skilled Migration

Accredited Qualifications:

Qualifications obtained in a signatory country can be considered for further accreditation under the Accords. Only qualifications completed in or after the year in which the country achieved full signatory stats to the Accord can be considered for accreditation under the Accords.

  1. Australian Qualifications.
  2. Graduates of recognized Australian engineering programs use the Australian Engineering Qualifications application pathway to test their migrating skills. Applicants with recognised Australian qualifications gained offshore must provide English Language Proficiency test results such as IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or PTE ACADEMIC.
    Graduates of accredited Australian Associate Degree or Advanced Diploma programs can also use the Australian Engineering Qualifications application pathway to test their migration abilities for the Engineering Associate category of occupation.

  3. Washington Accord Qualifications.
  4. The qualifications that have been publicly identified as accredited by the relevant signatory will be considered for recognition through the Washington Accord. You must have the same qualification title as the applicable signatory's title on the published list of approved qualifications.
    The Washington Accord requires minimum academic qualifications that are roughly equivalent to a four-year bachelor's degree in engineering in Australia.

  5. Sydney Accord Qualifications.
  6. Qualifications that have been publicly listed as accredited by the relevant signatory will be considered for recognition through the Sydney Accord. The title of your qualification and the title on the public list of certified qualifications must be the same for the relevant signatory. Accreditation is granted for qualifications earned in or after the year in which the relevant organization became a full signatory to the Sydney Accord. Provisional certification is insufficient for this pathway's evaluation.
    The Sydney Accord requires basic academic qualifications that are broadly equal to a three-year Bachelor of Technology degree in engineering in Australia.

  7. Dublin Accord Qualifications.
  8. The Dublin Accord shall consider for recognition qualifications that are publicly publicized as accredited by the relevant signatory. You must have the same qualification title as the title on the appropriate signatory's public list of authorized qualifications.
    The Dublin Accord requires minimal academic qualifications that are roughly equivalent to an Australian two-year Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree in engineering.

Non-Accredited qualifications:

Non-accredited courses are those that are not affiliated with an external accrediting or professional organization. These courses are good for learning a new skill set or improving your existing ones.
Non-accredited courses focus on providing students with specific knowledge and skill sets that will enhance their CV. Non-certified qualifications do not lead to pursuing a professional job with possible credentials behind your name; instead, accredited qualifications are required.

  1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)
  2. Engineers who want to go to Australia must first complete a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). Unless they are immigrants from a country that is not a signatory or member of the Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, or Dublin Accord, native Australians are not required to have a CDR.
    If an applicant wants to apply for a permanent resident visa under skilled migration, they must complete a CDR accurately according to the rules indicated in the MSA booklet issued by Engineers Australia. CDR candidates must demonstrate that their engineering knowledge and abilities meet Australian requirements. The CDR is a report that includes documents that demonstrate the engineering ability as well as the command of the English language.

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