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What is Summary Statement Writing?

Summary statement writing is the last but vital part of CDR following the career episode. A summary statement, also known as “summary sheet of CDR report”, is a multi-page overview of your competencies mentioned across three career episodes.

Furthermore, the summary statement in CDR report writing is always written in tabular format and covers competency elements and their application, along with relevant career episode paragraph number.

Our CDR Summary Statement Writing Service

Our experts at CDR Writer Australia prioritise crafting a PERFECT summary statement. We ensure your summary statement aligns closely with career episodes, possesses sufficient detail, and addresses competencies in an easy-to-understand format for your EA assessor.

Summary Statement Writing: Things to consider

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Our seasoned CDR writers always give their 101% to make your report clear and specific. Their rigorous writing and editing are focused on making your report an absolute masterpiece. Such a CDR report compels the EA assessors to award you a positive skill assessment in your first submission.

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Our Summary Statement Writing Format

Competency Element

The competency elements for all 4 engineering occupational categories are different. Hence, we ensure that our summary writing aligns with the respective engineering category and competency elements with use of templates provided by EA.

Here are EA's summary statement templates we use:

Brief Summary of How You Have Applied the Element

In this part, our CDR writing experts use simple, clear sentences to demonstrate how you applied the respective competency element. We concentrate on keeping this section short but well-addressed.

Career Episode(s) Paragraph Number Where the Element is Addressed

Our CDR experts call this section "The Easy But Tricky" part of the summary statement. Thus, they reread all the career episodes, figure out where the element is best addressed, and mention the career episode paragraph number.

The Specifics of Our Summary Statement Writing Service

Summary statement writing for All Engineering Occupational Categories

We write compelling summary statements for all engineering occupational categories (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, and Engineering Associate). We make sure our summarisation justifies a strong and cohesive representation of your competency.

One Impactful Summary Statement Of All Career Episodes

Our writers invest sufficient time comprehending all career episode writing. During this process, we figure out and list the relevant career episode paragraph numbers for the relevant competency element and finally prepare an impactful summary statement.

Simple, Specific, and Clear Competency Elements

We write summary statements in simple and clear language to avoid confusion and maintain specificity. Furthermore, we review details and come up with accurate/factual statements for the targeted engineering occupational category.

Multi-Page Summary Statement

We are well aware that clear competency demonstration increases the likelihood of a positive skill assessment from EA. Thus, we do not limit writing our summary statements to a single page; we make it multi-page and to-the-point.

Review by James Harry:

I was very impressed with the summary statement writing service I received from CDR Writer Australia. The team was very knowledgeable and helpful, and they were able to quickly and efficiently draft a summary statement that met all of Engineers Australia's requirements. I was particularly impressed with their ability to identify and articulate the key competencies that I had demonstrated in my career episodes.

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Pricing of Summary Statement Writing Service

The cost of summary statement writing service depends on your budget and how fast you want the service. Check out the pricing table and choose the one that best appeals to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, crafting an effective summary statement in CDR report can be challenging as matching competency elements with the precise career episode paragraph number/s must be done carefully. It is also necessary to accurately show how an applicant applied the competency element.

To get ease in summary statement writing, opt for our professional service. With our professional CDR report writing service, you can be assured of a concise and compelling representation of your engineering competencies.

The best strategies for writing a precise summary statement are the following:

  • Follow Engineers Australia's guidelines and format.
  • Write a concise yet powerful summary that highlights your engineering competencies.
  • Strictly match the career episode paragraph number with the given competency element.


The details: engineering project name, dates, your role, and how you applied your engineering skills, etc. which we discuss before writing your CDR are enough for us.

We do not ask for input during the summary statement writing process. However, during the process of CDR report review, we request clients for their input. We highly value such input and consider it before finalising everything.

Yes, you can contact us for a sample.