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KA02 Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessment (KA02) is a document created by New Zealand migrants who are interested in moving there. The Knowledge Assessment (KA02) report is very important in evaluating the candidates' skills. Candidates for KA02, like those applying for CDR, must go through an evaluation process in order to offer proof of their expertise and familiarity in the sector of their choice. Candidate credentials for the KA02 report will be assessed by IPENZ, New Zealand's professional engineering body. IPENZ is New Zealand's governing body for engineers. To prepare the KA02 report, applicants who lack ICT credentials or are not from ICT sectors have to do so. They must prepare their statement in accordance with the IPENZ's guidelines.

Knowledge Assessment Reports

There are two categories of knowledge assessment:


There must be a KA01 report submission for candidates who have graduated from universities that are regarded equal to New Zealand's educational institutions or from universities that are members of the Washington Accord.


A KA02 report must be submitted to IPENZ if the applicant has graduated from a university that is not associated with the Washington agreement. If you're an engineer with a non-accredited degree who wants to move to New Zealand, you'll need to submit a Knowledge Assessment (KA02) report.

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IPENZ's top KA02 Knowledge Assessment report writing service

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Problems Faced by Candidates for skilled migration to New Zealand

The most common issues that candidates for New Zealand skilled migration encounter are as follows:

  • Your KA02 Report must contain the following basics, which Engineering New Zealand has explicitly stated.
  • Engineers wishing to relocate to New Zealand face several challenges, including limited language abilities. When putting together a KA02, excellent English writing abilities are required. It must be grammatically accurate, and it must be able to show that you have excellent communication abilities.
  • It is important to remember that if your KA02 Report is denied, there is no point in submitting it again for re-evaluation.
  • IPENZ is quite stringent especially when it comes to talent evaluation. The evidence-based approach of IPENZ competency is used throughout the evaluation process.
  • Work documents, email exchanges, and files are necessary to demonstrate that you worked on the project indicated in your work episode, and they must be submitted with your work episode. If certain files are not available, you will need to prepare them as well. If you fail to include the calculations, charts, and sections that pertain to your work episodes in your KA02 report, your report may be denied.

People often include 1 - 4 work episodes in their KA02 Report, and if you are not aware of what you should emphasise or how to demonstrate your technical abilities and expertise, it may be tough for you to construct a Report that will favourably portray you.

You must submit the KA02 Report by a certain date to get credit. Most of the time, you will get a reminder email 3 to 6 months before your scheduled evaluation. Then you will be responsible to find out when your submission deadline is scheduled. If you wait until the last minute to prepare your KA02, you may find that your visa application is unsuccessful.

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Frequently Asked Question

KA02 is Based on Knowledge Assessment 2. This is a technical report needed by Engineering New Zealand for Engineers to get New Zealand Skilled Migration. If your university is accredited by the Washington accord then you would need to apply for a credential check only otherwise you would need KA02.